Crack the code and win a cocktail workshop with Sam Feldt and VIZE!

DEADLINE: Jul 2, 2020 12PM CEST.

Sam Feldt and VIZE new track 'Far Away From Home' is here and they are bringing you a very special contest! For the next 10 days, each day a different letter/number will be visible on the Spotify Canvas of 'Far Away From Home'. These 10 letters/numbers will form a code, that you have to fill in here. Make sure to check back on the Spotify Canvas of 'Far Away From Home' every day to crack the code. The first 10 people who crack the code win a virtual cocktail workshop with Sam Feldt and VIZE! The contest will close as soon as there are 10 correct answers, so crack the code and quickly fill it in on this page. Good luck!

To enter the contest, fill in the code and press 'enter contest' afterwards. Winners will be notified via e-mail.