Dancefair 2018

Feb 18, 2018


Dancefair is one of the biggest fairs for dance music lovers and brings some of the brightest minds together for two days of seminars, workshops, panels and network opportunities. Young producers can in a short span of time gain more knowledge about a wide range of topics, from producing to composing to mixing and mastering. Dancefair is the haven for young producers!


Show the educative part of Spinnin’ by being at one of the biggest fairs for dance music and organizing masterclasses, helping young producers by giving feedback on their tracks during our demo drop and pick out the biggest talents to stay in touch with them.

Norman Soares, CEO at Dancefair:

“Spinnin’ Records was one of the first majors that put their trust in Dancefair in 2013 and we’re proud and humble for that. Both of our DNA’s are somewhat alike: giving fresh new musical talent a chance to hit the limelight and making music knowledge accessible for everyone with a passion for Dance Music. Hope to welcome you guys for many years to come!”


As the biggest Dance music label in the world, we find it very important to stay in touch with the community and to educate the upcoming generation of producers as much as we can. For us, Dancefair is one of the best places to do that. Therefore, we returned with a full-day program of the Spinnin’ Academy, the place to be for young producers to learn from some of the biggest artists in the industry through masterclasses, seminars and Q&A’s, and hosted a stand where we listened to demos from noon till 5 PM.

Our Spinnin’ Academy had a busy day in one of Dancefair’s biggest areas with masterclasses from Mike Williams, Mesto, and Bougenvilla, a panel with Spinnin' Next DJ's and a Q&A with Blasterjaxx, hosted by Gregor Salto. With such a stacked line up, it was full house every time!

Next to the Spinnin’ Academy, several Spinnin’ artists were also hosting their own masterclasses and panels in other areas. There was a two-hour showcase with LVNDSCAPE, masterclasses from TV Noise and Fox Stevenson, and a ‘how to build a track’ workshop with Joe Stone.

In addition to hosting the Spinnin’ Academy, we were also present with our own stand for demo drops and to showcase our merchandise. The complete A&R team from Spinnin’ Records and MAS Publishing was present to listen to the newest songs of some of the youngest producers in the game.  We had an amazing day educating and entertaining all the visitors and can’t wait for next year’s edition!