Dec 3, 2018


Beat Fever is an interactive mobile game where players try to get the best score on songs through interactive gameplay. By using Spinnin' tracks into the game, Beatfever gave us the opportunity to reach millions of people with our music in a new way.

Through the common interest of music, Beatfever and Spinnin’ Records teamed up for a partnership.


Utilize on our common interest of music by putting Spinnin’ Records released tracks in Beatfever and promote Beatfever to our huge online fanbase of 35 million fans.

Through this partnership, lots of opportunities opened up for both Spinnin’ Records and Beatfever. Putting Spinnin’ tracks into the Beatfever game gave us the opportunity to reach millions of people with our music through a new way. With 8.6 million players and counting, Beatfever has a huge amount of potential new Spinnin’ fans.

Next to using Spinnin’ tracks, Beatfever also hosted eight Spinnin’ Sessions events in game at the same time these events were hosted in real life. Spinnin’ Sessions is the name for all the Spinnin’ parties that are organized all over the world. For example, for Spinnin’ Sessions Tokyo the main character for the Beatfever event was Mike Williams, who also played the event in real life.

During these events in the Beatfever game, the Spinnin’ Sessions stages were built to represent the events in real life and players could play recent tracks from artists who were on the line up. During these events, players were asked if they wanted to follow the Spinnin’ Sessions playlist on Spotify. In return, Spinnin’ promoted Beatfever online during the real life Spinnin’ Sessions events.


During the partnership the follower count for our Spinnin’ Sessions Spotify playlist doubled, a great achievement.