By streaming “HEARTFELDT RECORDS” you contribute to CarbonTrees, who are planters of rainforest in Costa Rica.

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Why Costa Rica?

It’s a country with no army. The money otherwise spent on war is now spent on eco-tourism and protection of the forest.

With being a responsible consumer, you can impact your contribution by 3 fold. Next time you want to eat meat, buy a new T-shirt, or wash your hair with shampoo and print your documents, THINK before you buy! We all have the power to change.

Spring of 2020 will go into history as a worldwide lockdown, things will never be the same again. So, let the rest of 2020 be a time of healing, for yourself, your loved ones and our mother earth. Educate yourself, talk with your loved ones, go within, what is your passion? And realize, how do YOU contribute to a better world?
1911 trees

1 United States of America
306 trees
2 Germany
234 trees
3 Netherlands
217 trees
4 United Kingdom
110 trees
5 Canada
88 trees
6 Sweden
84 trees
7 Italy
75 trees
8 Australia
69 trees
9 Spain
61 trees
10 France
48 trees

Trees breathe life in the atmosphere. They breathe ground water as they form a light mist in the treetops and feed it to soil. As a result, the forest provides the humidity necessary for life. They are the mother and father of rain.

Trees also protect the soil from the impact of heavy rains and the erosion this causes.

The forests store carbon, they contain more than in all the earth's atmosphere. They ARE the cornerstone of the climate balance, on which we all depend. In fact, trees provide a habitat of ¾ of the planet’s biodiversity, that is to say of all life on earth.

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These are the forests that provide the remedies that cure us.

Mangroves are forests that step out onto the sea. Like coral reefs they are nurturing and form a shelter for fish and mammals that come to breed. Mangroves protect the coast from hurricanes, tidal waves and erosions from the sea.

They are a world where microorganisms feed, transform and grow. This is the place where all life is linked; from water and air to the soil to the trees to insects, birds and mammals. It’s the world's magic <3

Every species has his role to play. It’s all balanced out.


Mangroves were reduced by half in the 20th century, mainly as a result of a massive increase of shrimp farms. Since the 60's deforestation has constantly taken place. By now, every year 13 million hectares of tropical rainforest, an area the size of 3x times Switzerland, disappears in smoke and lumber.

The world’s largest rainforest, The Amazon, has been reduced by 20%. The forest has been replaced by soybean farms. 95% of these soybeans are used to feed life stock and poultry So, the forest is turning into meat. When the forest burns, it releases huge quantities of carbon And with that, thousands of species disappear. Forever.

It's monoculture versus biodiversity.

And there are more examples. Palm oil is mainly used in cosmetics and recently as a bio-fuel alternative. Eucalyptus is used for paper, while cotton is used for jeans. All these monocultures are devastating to the soil and the ecosystem.