Produc3r that's makin' music from th3 h3art with an own touch but with inspiration from th3 big sc3n3. That's 3P][C you say?!! Y3ah, l3ts g3t this party start3d and h3arts fill3d with lov3! go to Soundcloud page for available tracks.

Gear: Logic Pro X, BeyerDynamics DT 770 PRO 80 ohm, AKG K240 Studio, AxiomPro49, Nexus, Spire, Serum, Omnisphere, Yamaha F50 Monitors.


No Promises

Cheat Codes Ft. Demi Lovato





You Might Be

Autograf feat. Lils


Lost In You

Quintino & NERVO


LØVE (3P][C Tropical Remix)

Asha ft. Loyal & Sigourney K