Drive - Breathe Carolina | Drive - Breathe Carolina
Nov 8, 2019


Breathe Carolina

After teasing their new album ‘DEAD’ to fans waiting with baited breath, California-based duo Breathe Carolina have already released two cuts from the forthcoming package including high-energy, pop-dance cut ‘TOO GOOD’ and the attitude-roaring ‘Like This’, as they blaze back to form wasting no time on ‘DRIVE’.

Taking a stylistic, polished approach on house-inflected, radio-ready pop, the duo provide all the ingredients to create a cocktail that fizzes with originality and will crack the richter scale with its weight on dancefloors, whilst also shining out of the speakers at home. David’s high-pitched vocal soars with a vulnerability that is delivered slick and finessed, whilst the low-end bass beats bring a gnarly addition that bears its teeth; a union of styles that the pairing have perfected.