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Arys Music
Arys Music3 years ago

Nice ! Voted!
Vote new music ARYS - HOUSER
Thanks )

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Lukrembo3 years ago

Hi, I love the sound. This is amazing track! I voted.
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Vote for me! Thanks!

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Waddox3 years ago

Yooo Hak3RI!
I voted for your track! It's amazing!
Please vote back for me, I could really use it right now!
Thanks already! :)

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Slade3 years ago

Nice groove man! You got my vote! Can you check my track, "Kraken" and vote for me as well?

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Good track....Voted!!! - Love the bass sound.
If you could check out our track "Vandal" and maybe give it a vote we'd really appreciate it...thanks ;)

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Mattsoto3 years ago

nice track bro!! nice drop,nice melody!! voted!! come on, check my track n' vote if you like or maybe we can collab together someday!!
and check my soundcloud too on search engine "Matt07" !! cheers.

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JASON PARK3 years ago

So fantastic track, impressive ~ !! Voted ! Check out my tracks
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& Pianissimo & Amazing Amazon & Tiebreaker
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RKSHT3 years ago

Full Support ! :)
That's some cool stuff you got there mate :)It feels well mixed and produced and a lot Groovy as well :D Could you give one of my tracks here a listen and vote for it maybe if you think it's worth it :D

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

Voted HAK3RI!! :)

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DISERPIER ✪3 years ago

Sooo stunning!! I like so muchh! Maybe you should soon be in the TOP of spinnin'!! I voteed for your track because I like so much and definitly you have strong skill to produce music and make a good vibe in the background. Really, Congratulations! If you have a couple minutes enter to my profile and vote for my latest song "Uptight" would be amazing too! Good look!!

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Alibakhshi3 years ago

Really good Track ! Voted
Please vote me back "your heart at mind" and we can work together if your agree

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Mete Kemal
Mete Kemal3 years ago

Great tune bro ! Already Voted !

Check my new demo "GONG"


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Sulimann3 years ago

Voted Hakeri! Nice sound!
Everyone who vote my track Insane I'll vote back, just leave a comment and I'll vote back!

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T*O*M*S3 years ago

fantastik tune voted please vote my new tune T'O'M'S - Amazone*=*

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JiniHa3 years ago

Nice stuff mate, i like it and voting for it! Check out my track 'Only the Cruel' and support me by voting me back! Cheers and Good Luck!!!! :)

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Angelo Pic
Angelo Pic3 years ago

beautiful track congratulations !!!!!
voted and supported !!!!!!!!!!
Please vote for my new track Nightmare vol 2.0 !!!!!!!!
I wish you the best!!!!!!!!
Thank you and good day!!!

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Martin Iau
Martin Iau3 years ago

Hey! Nice track! VOTED! Can u check my last track Hold On and vote it please Cheers!

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Sparker Official
Sparker Official3 years ago

Nice Melody !!! Loved It. Can Please Checkout My Track 'Hard Spikes' Too ????

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Loki.3 years ago

You have my support! Vote back and comment in my track please! Sure you like it!

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