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Oliver Heldens feat. Ida Corr

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OGofficial3 years ago

SICK! Definitely voting for this one! Please check out my Good Life and my Fade Remixes and vote for them if you like what u hear :D

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Barbodmusic3 years ago

?? Great Job ??

?? Voted ??

check back my remix track and let me know your feedback
don't forget to vote ? .
Oliver Heldens Contest

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hi good worke i like and voted!!
i composed a very different music for good life remix please spend a few minutes
listening it because i used all of my experience
and creativity to create a different vibes and strong mix and a good drop
for making this music i was back of my system for 54 hours in totall
please give your opinion about this remix
and if you liked it give me your vote
thank you
good luck

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shitawe3 years ago

Hey dude, nice production there, voted for your track! Please vote back for my OLIVER HELDENS - GOOD LIFE (LEMMOND REMIX), click on my profile and find it there, Merry Christmas! !

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MR ROWAN3 years ago


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Alper Duman & MFC

Hey Nice song Man!
Please vote back my new remix "Good Life"
Thank You!!!

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johnix_3 years ago

Nice work Sunny Zones, please check out my remix! thanks

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Schadenfreude3 years ago

Amazing and unique remix, VOTED! :D We would really appreciate it if you voted back. Thank you and good luck :)

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KRONOMYS3 years ago

We've uploaded our remix.. Hope you enjoy it and support us with a like, we'll do the same.

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ManualOfficial3 years ago

I'm listened your remix and its amazing! voted.
check my remix and vote........

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison3 years ago

Hi mate ! I just love your remix. There's a lot of work. That's sounds really great ! Congrats ! I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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Good job!!
I really liked your remix
Please, vote for good life Andrikk4z4 's remix
It'll be helpful for him

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Harpsea3 years ago

Hi Brother If you have the time available I would really appreciate your opinion on my track. Thanx

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Scripted Drama
Scripted Drama3 years ago

Great conept you got there! I do enjoy you take on the original, good job!
make sure to check out my version aswell :D
Thank you and cheers.

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MD163 years ago

good mix:) voted!!

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Ratsound3 years ago

Voted! Show some love and vote back: Speed Limit & Good Life remix ;)

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Kevan Ramer
Kevan Ramer3 years ago

I like the new piano spin you put into it. I like the beat you put into it as well. It kinda doesnt change as much or has much variety to it, but the drop and lead are really good! The general mixing and eqing of the track makes it flow well into each buildup, and drop as well.
Anyway, definitely voted for you and checked your profile for more stuff :D.
Could you return the favor and listen/vote for my ‘GOOD LIFE’ remix? That would mean the world to me.
I wish the best for you and you track. Hope to see this at the top of the charts!
Please message me on Soundcloud if you would like to collab on a track also. Have a nice day,

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Acxïo3 years ago

Nice!! Voted !!!

Mind To Vote My Remix of Oliver Heldens ft. Ida Corr - Good Life in the O-Heldens contest (Acxïo Remix) Thanks!!!!

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Colomé13 years ago


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Colomé13 years ago

nice work dude, check out my fade remix and vote if u like it

and good luck :)

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