Long Road


Deep house original mix by Deep Dahiya hope you guys enjoy it


Promenade(Area studio)

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ope63 years ago

voted please vote my track is called andromeda-

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️3 years ago

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ooo3 years ago

Awesome track man)) here is my SUPPORT)) Amazing sound, great drop! I really like it & here is my support to you)) I've VOTED =)) Feel free to listen to my track on my profile that called "Vinnytsia" & feel free to comment)

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JASON PARK3 years ago

So terrific sound and cool mix Bro ~ !! Voted ! Check out my tracks
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Slade3 years ago

Dahiya, I have listened to your track, it has a lot of potential. The mixing is good, it has a lot of energy, and a warmth vibe. Although, you can use on the master chain a compressor, to glue your sounds together. You have my vote, and if you don`t mind, can you listen to my track "Kraken"? If you like it, please vote it! Good luck!

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Madj3 years ago

Hey man, i love the sound. This is good track. Good melody. I voted!!!!!!!!!!!
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If you like it, please vote and comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NOISEBASS Music3 years ago

Hi,can you help me with one vote, thanks

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Popov Stas
Popov Stas3 years ago

Bro ;) it's cool track ! VOTED&SUPPORTED. Let us support each other in this hard life and please if not difficult vote my track "DJ Snake - Propaganda my remix" thanks bro ;))))

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Sparkwell3 years ago

Voted./.:))) please vote for my track…)…@))%@$""""

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RKSHT3 years ago

Full Support ! :)
That's some cool stuff you got there mate :)
It feels well mixed and produced and a lot Groovy as well :D Could you give one of my tracks here a listen and vote for it maybe if you think it's worth it :D

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Abu Farhan
Abu Farhan3 years ago

You got my vote! :

Please vote my track 'Anthem'

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Angelo Pic
Angelo Pic3 years ago

hello nice track !!!!!!!!!
Very inspiring !!!!!!!
It's amazing unique sound !!!!!!!!!!!!
good job !!!!!!!!!!!!
VOTED and supported !!!!!!!!!!!
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Keep it up !!!! ;)
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Your friend
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DISERPIER ✪3 years ago

Incrediblee trackk brother!!!! I notice that you put strong effort here and really I can watch the results! It' so emotional and inspirational. The mastering is good and the vibes is thrilling!!! You have my vote!! If you can, take a couple of minutes and vote by my latest trackk "Wanna Feel Love". I would be greatful with you!! Keep making this kind of songs brother!! See you in the Top of spinnin' records!!!!!

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ReyMod.com3 years ago

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Mohriz3 years ago

i vote u brother nice music waw rampage!! and now you liste to my track "Gamelan" Indonesia style im so very this is style indonesia!!!!!!!

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0993 years ago

Awesome one! Voted!

Can you vote back my track This? Thanks!

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Madj3 years ago

Hey man, i love the sound. This is good track. Good melody. I voted!!!!!!!!
Please check out my new track Madness and give me your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you like it, please vote and comment!!!!!!!!!

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Lavenir3 years ago


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