Good Life ( Barbod Remix )

Oliver Heldens feat. Ida Corr


Rafazombie Dj Producer

i voted for you.
please vote back my track "Song to sleep"
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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dirtybrave3 years ago

Hey Barbod nice track! voted!
Vote back for our track Tik Tok please

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Revolve3 years ago

Good Remix bro!

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Scorch Felix
Scorch Felix3 years ago

Top production...loving the moog b-line ?....voted ✅

Pls listen & vote on my version if you like it ty ?

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Daynity3 years ago

Nice one ! voted, maybe you could vote back ? :)

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X153 years ago

Great ! Voted :) Hear my new remix to "Oliver Heldens - Good Life ft. Ida Corr". Do you like it ? Please, vote for it.



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Kakekaze3 years ago

Good remix. Thanks for your vote. Voted.

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Larian3 years ago

Interesting chords you add man! And this violin tweak is on point :D

You got my vote! By the way, if you could give a listen to mine and maybe vote aswell if you like it, it would be amazing!

Keep it up!

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Reza.f.t3 years ago

Very good

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GEORGE RANSON3 years ago

Nice job here, congrats! ;) You definitely got my Vote!!

Would really appreciate if you could help me too, voting back for my "GOOD LIFE" REMIX.. it would means a lot mate ;) Thanks!!

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n.k.o3 years ago

thats some hot shit, good luck

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NGHTCRTL3 years ago


This track is so amazing!!!

There is so much emotion in this song and it sounds amazing! You definitely have my vote!!!

Please help support my love for music by voting for my remix ”FADE” !!!

Is very important for my... thank you very much!!!

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Jydra Official
Jydra Official3 years ago

The idea is quite good Barbod! If you created your own bass pattern (instead of Oliver's), the remix would have been much better. Even though, its original!
Jydra - Chek out my remix, i REALLY think you'll like it, and I promise you won't regret it. It's easy, just listen and give some feedback, I really appreciate it :)

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Pillface3 years ago

Nice bro! Voted!
Please listen to my remix too : )

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RVIN3 years ago

Intense drums, I like it! Voted. If you have a chance feel free to take a listen to mine, would love to see what you think.

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Deadwalk3 years ago

Nice ! Voted !!

Please Vote for my GOOD LIFE remix, Thanks ! :)

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DCKSN3 years ago

You have my vote! The production quality is great, the drop was catchy (that wobble chord was my favourite element). Have a great feeling that this would be one of the winners. Good job, Barbod!

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Matt Wadd0x3 years ago

good remix, voted!

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SKYSA3 years ago

Nice job great Idea :D I wish that you had made this track more longer btw Voted back! :D Thanks for voting me :)

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Shobhit_153 years ago

This is amazing . Probably the best remix ive heard till now

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