Fade Deep


Hey guys i did this remix for an online competition if you like it then please vote for me :)


Magic Skipper
Magic Skipper1 year ago

Nice track with great melody!This is amazing track! I voted.
I love this song should be in the top 10
keep it up ;)
Check out my track "ANNA"

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Trennik3 years ago

voted for your track! :)

I greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my remix of "Fade"!

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison3 years ago

Hi buddie ! I just love your remix. There's a lot of work. That's sounds really great ! Congrats ! I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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Sasta3 years ago

Bro Last day of contest, dont give up! I just love your remix. I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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OGofficial3 years ago

Hi Deep-Dahiya, amazing remix. Voted! Please listen to and vote for my Fade remix if you like it :D

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Harpsea3 years ago

This is a Cray Track dude, Check out my remix if you have time #voted #almostchristmas

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Agung Budi
Agung Budi3 years ago


Voted! ! !

Can you help me with one vote, thanks
Watermat - Fade (Agung Budi Remix)

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Very Good Work! Please check our new track “DOWN TOWN”

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GEORGE RANSON3 years ago

Nice job here, congrats! ;) You definitely got my Vote!!! :)

Would really appreciate if you could help me too, voting back for my "GOOD LIFE" REMIX.. it would means a lot mate ;) Thanks!!

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CLBeat3 years ago

Nice track! Think you could give mine a look?
Check out Good Life in my contest tab.
Thanks ????

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KUBI3 years ago

Strong Track!
Voted :)

Please check out my Watermät remix too :)
I'd be happy if you leave a vote and a comment :)

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shitawe3 years ago

Hey dude, nice production there, voted for your track! Please vote back for my OLIVER HELDENS - GOOD LIFE (LEMMOND REMIX), click on my profile and find it there, Merry Christmas!

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Zesawa3 years ago

nice remix Deep-Dahiya! Voted and followed you!!! Please listen to my 'Good Life' remix and maybe vote/follow back! :)

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

Voted Deep-Dahiya!!: )

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NOISEBASS Music3 years ago

hello, I hope you are well, can you help me with one vote
I voted for you ....
please vote back

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RZR3 years ago

Hi !!!!!
amazing track!... Voted! can you help me out voting me back?
thanks so much in advance!
*Oliver Heldens Ft. Ida Corr - Good Life (RZR Remix)

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Acxïo3 years ago

Nice! Voted !

Mind To Vote My Remix of Oliver Heldens ft. Ida Corr - Good Life in the O-Heldens contest (Acxïo Remix) Thanks

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️3 years ago

Hey Dahiya, I voted! It will only take a second to like my Facebook page. Good luck
Facebook : maxmaddmusic

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