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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 3 years ago

Thanks for this one! It's not bad, but it's not original either. If you want to stand out with this sound you need to think a bit more outside the box. We hear an average vocal, however, the vocal cuts are pretty nice! production-wise you're on the right track, now you need to take your writing skills to the next level. Good luck!

Score: 21
Ahmed Haoues
Ahmed Haoues3 years ago

this is crazy

Score: 1
F4ST3 years ago

Thank you so much for your advise! It means a lot to us, everything constructive is very welcome! We will take that in mind for sure the next time. Cheers!

Score: 8
James Finch
James Finch3 years ago

yeah I Agree spinnin records I wouldn't mind if you could come to my channel and have a quick look at my track.

James Finch

Score: 1
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Hey F4ST! WOW! Nice track! Please vote my first production: Nico Picerno - Faded!

Score: 1
RudeBoyRager3 years ago

D0pe hey could you give me some feedback as well spinnin I think we're on the same level here:)

Score: 1
DJ 5L45H
DJ 5L45H2 years ago

Great work!Voted!

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Dj Funky
Dj Funky2 years ago

voted back 4 u 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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EnergyWolf2 years ago

Great Track I voted 😀 but vote me back
EnergyWolf: Calvin Harris the Nice

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Markus Helberg
Markus Helberg2 years ago

Hey friend i voted enjoy to be the track of the week i want a favor for this i want 4 releases on plurrecords thanks for do good music the world need more peole like everybody as are here doin music. i want more bootlegs that is our style
Bye enjoy and please release my 4 tracks

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TKNK2 years ago

So cool! Great work!

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Arriev2 years ago

Hi! Awesome track! Voted! Could you vote on my new big room track 'Arriev - Blow'? Thanks!

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Marts Forrell
Marts Forrell2 years ago

VOTADO y nuevo seguidor

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New Mexican Mafia

Buen track!

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hey F4ST,
nice track, voted! maybe you have some time to check out my song aswell and vote for it?

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Blue Keys
Blue Keys2 years ago

One of the best I've heard so far. Check my track (blue keys - oh yeah) too.

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Andrew Terpo
Andrew Terpo2 years ago

voted please listen my track and tell me what you think!
thanks ;-)

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Bleyz2 years ago

Hi Friend Good Work!!!
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Thank You For your Support!!! ^-^

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Estabien.2 years ago

Nice, voted! Check out my remix of Star 69 by Fatboy Slim, too please! :)

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A3AD2 years ago

awesome track dudes

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jackalien2 years ago

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Aviat2 years ago

This track is just amazing!
It deserves to be on huge label.

Personally I loved the lyrics and the vocal chops!
Perfectly executed and mastered!

On repeat since I heard the track <3

Score: 0
ishaanguptayt2 years ago

Check out my latest track. In return, I will definitely vote for and check out your track :)]]]

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sinanorta2 years ago

Voted, nice vocal bro ;)
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KEZU2 years ago

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Thank You2

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