Please vote for me I work so hard


Trennik3 years ago

voted for your track! :)

I greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my remix of "Fade"!

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Sasta3 years ago

Really good intro and drop I love it! Voted! Please check my remix thank you

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison3 years ago

Hi Er Land ! I just love your remix. There's a lot of work. That's sounds really great ! Congrats ! I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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OGofficial3 years ago

Hi ER Land, amazing remix. Voted! Please listen to and vote for my Fade remix if you like it :D

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Harpsea3 years ago

This is a Cray Track dude, Check out my remix if you have time #voted #smiles

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Agung Budi
Agung Budi3 years ago


Voted! ! !

Can you help me with one vote, thanks
Watermat - Fade (Agung Budi Remix)

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Voted! I like it! Please check our new track “DOWN TOWN”

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Rilet3 years ago

Good remix, Erland! :)
Check out my <Good Life> FUTURE HOUSE remix as well and vote for it!
I'll vote for you back!! Just write me a short message when you've voted!

Good luck! :)

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CLBeat3 years ago

Nice track! Think you could give mine a look?
Check out Good Life in my contest tab.
Thanks ????????????

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KUBI3 years ago

Awesome Track!
Voted :)
Please check out my Watermät remix too :)

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Scripted Drama
Scripted Drama3 years ago

Really good remix of a great track, you got me with that drop (That bassline is sick!)
I'll definetly remember your name! You got my vote
Could you return the favor and listen and maybe even vote for my "Good Life" remix? You won't believe how much that would help me.
Good luck to you futher on!
Have a nice day.

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Victor 'Vibez Bergvall

Sick remix i voted for you! Could you vote for my version of ''Fade''!!!?!

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RZR3 years ago

amazing track!... Voted! can you help me out voting me back?
thanks so much in advance!
*Oliver Heldens Ft. Ida Corr - Good Life (RZR Remix)<<<<<<

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jtagalogonnguyen3 years ago

You enhanced the original by alot with the bass you added to it. You got my support.
I have a track submitted for a remix contest and would appreciate any feedback/support if possible. Good Luck!

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GEORGE RANSON3 years ago

Nice job here, congrats! ;) You definitely got my Vote!!! :)

Would really appreciate if you could help me too, voting back for my "GOOD LIFE" REMIX.. it would means a lot mate ;) Thanks!!!!

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shitawe3 years ago

Hey dude, nice production there, voted for your track! Please vote back for my OLIVER HELDENS - GOOD LIFE (LEMMOND REMIX), click on my profile and find it there, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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