Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick3 years ago

Awesome track man! Definitly voted! Check out our track called 'Beyond' too!
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Future Dawn
Future Dawn3 years ago

Phenomenal melody! You have my vote if you have the time could you check out my track :)! Together we are stronger!!!

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Xedis3 years ago

VOTED!! nice!!! if you want you can support me with a vote on my new track "Psycho panda" thank bro!!

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Mattsoto3 years ago

hi bro!! Nice Track!! you've got voted!! listen my track and voted if you like, check my soundcloud too "Matt07" !!!thank you,Cheers,,,

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SHRT3 years ago

Nice track! If you'd like we are currently building a network for producers. If you are interrested you can contact us on SoundCloud. If you follow SHRT Inc. Records we will repost your track (for free) and you could become a part of something big.

Greetings The SHRT Inc. Records Team.

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HB3NI3 years ago

Hi! VOTE for VOTE? Please vote my new track "Wave" leave a comment and i vote back in 24 hours . Thank you so much<333,

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Blanee3 years ago

Voted :) good job! Please check out my remix of "Fade" and vote back. Thank you.

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°°Burn666°°3 years ago

Hi there :)
I checked your song and vote for it..
It would be nice when u check my track "whisper" or "hold on,baby" and vote for it.
Thx a lot and good Luck to you!

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Cikmo3 years ago

Hi. I really liked this! You earned a vote!
Would you like to also check out my track "Lighten" and if you like it give it a vote?
I would really appreciate it!!!!!

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HB3NI3 years ago

Hey Guys VOTE for VOTE? Please vote my new track "Wave" leave a comment and i vote back in 24 hours. Thank you so much<333.

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KorbYy3 years ago

(Future Bounce) OMG!! Love this vibe! Help me get MONEY N JACK to Top 100!! Hope you get signed!7ik

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Abstract Squad3 years ago

Hi! Exelent track. I vote if you listen to my work THE LONG DARK. I always reciprocate. Good luck!x

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dirtybrave3 years ago

Is so awesome this track i like it. Voted!
Please vote back for our track tik tok

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KUBI3 years ago

This is Great man!!!!
Powerful mix on this ! Love it! VOTED ! !
Please checkand vote back on my Watermät Fade Remix
Good Luck c :

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Dusty Jay & Chuscovic

Hello ! this track has goods vibes !
I love the mind of this tune !!!
You make a good job !
I think you may work more on the mastering ?
I want to show you my support by Voting for you !!!!!!!!!

If you want you can check my latest track called "Come Back To Me" i hope you will like it, you can vote and leave me a feedback !

( I give 1 Sample Pack to all people who vote, like & follow On SC. Ask me in PM on Soundcloud to claim your Sample Pack )

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A.MAJOR3 years ago

Something wrong with the file it won't play ...:( check out my remix of Fade. I voted for your other track though :)

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Mattayaxon3 years ago

Dope edit brother!! Voted!

If you don't mind please listen to my track "Sparking synth" and give me a vote if you like it:) it helps me a lot! Thanks!

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Nick Monologg
Nick Monologg3 years ago

Hey mate! Good Job! Voted!
Pls vote for my latest re mix # FADE by Watermat

Thanks Your!

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Hey bro!!!
Please listen to my remix:


Vote if you like it and comment. I will 100% vote your track(s) back!!

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Compte suprimé3 years ago

This is a incredible track mate!! Listening the drop I just add a little more ratio in the compression and give more release to the "Pad" to struggle the Bass and the Synth to make just one. If you can mix that things you can have a Panel better off in melody! That would give a emotional and thrilling sensation on whole song. You have my vote!! I would like you take a couple of minutes and check my latest song "Wanna Feel love" and give a feedback or maybe give me your appreciate vote. I would be grateful with you!! Keep making this kind of songs brother! The Spinnin Records TOP is waiting for you!!

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