Hey guys, this is my new fresh track. Thanks for your time! Cheers, KorbYy INSTAGRAM: goo.gl/MQdp7g


Nick Monologg
Nick Monologg3 years ago

Hey mate! Good Job! Voted!
Pls vote for my latest rem ix # FADE by Watermat

Thanks Your!

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Read0n3 years ago

nice atmosphere, nice job, you have my vote

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Lacros3 years ago

Nice track man! If you vote my track "Fade" Remix I vote your track back! Good luck for the contest!;)

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Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz3 years ago

Congratulations, the drop is powerful but to make it louder try to turn down the master volume on the build up and the drop will seem harder. Please check out my last track and vote it if you like it, now is on #26! Thanks!!!!

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Moonkey3 years ago

Nice track ! I Voted! But please a real vote and not just words ;)

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Firdahous3 years ago

100% complete =)

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kusta53 years ago

Hey KorbYy, Cool track, good vibe, you have my Vote!

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LYWYD3 years ago

hi)Voted!Please vote my last remix)Thanks)Good luck)

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MartinPerlala3 years ago

Voted Please,vote my remix "Alan Walker-Faded"

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