emotional starting with BOOM drop PLS VOTE every one voting for will get a vote back ** btw one request please feedback


Freemix2 years ago

great track man

you have my vote

vote for my track The one

Thanks :D

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djsikaari2 years ago

hey tsherexx
i listened to your track
honestly saying
amazing work bro
i voted for you
if you have 2 minutes then vote for my new song R U M M A G E
it means alot for me

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Djmaxlietta2 years ago

Great work..Voted...Listen my track Please & Vote..

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Raveland2 years ago

Hey TsherexX, I will vote back if you vote for my track "Way to Tomorrowland"
Good luck to both of us ;)

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Guy Hôrn
Guy Hôrn2 years ago

Great Track! VOTED! The drop is bit weird but very cool!
Please vote for my track Hurricane aswell!

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APA2 years ago

Great Track!You have my vote! please check my music and if you like dont forget to vote & Follow !Thanks!

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Mattayaxon2 years ago

Awesome! Voted for you bro! And if you don't mind listen to my track "Sparking synth" and please vote it if you like it:) It helps me a lot! Thanks!!

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kusta52 years ago

Hey TsherexX, Cool fresh sounding track, nice and catchy melody, good vibe, You have my Vote! Please vote back and comment on my track "Bungee Jump", thanks!!!

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I like it!
Please check our new track “DOWN TOWN”

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TsherexX2 years ago

thnx and yaa i will vote

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Bass Controllerz
Bass Controllerz2 years ago

too much loud!!! and less energy !!
anyway we voted you!!

please vote back our remix of "love on me"

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TsherexX2 years ago

thnx for ur feedback nd i will vote

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Angelo Pic
Angelo Pic2 years ago

Voted !!!!
Total support !!
Can you help me with one vote for my new track # Amsterdam !!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!
I wish you the very best !!!!
Good luck

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TsherexX2 years ago

thnx i will vote

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