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Rafazombie Dj Producer

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Dj Funky
Dj Funky3 years ago

A Vote 4 You...!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Selena Mendez
Selena Mendez3 years ago

Hey Bryan! Very nice funky flow! Maybe use more sound in the spaces. But well done!

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Kevin Colin.
Kevin Colin.3 years ago

Hi Bryan, this is really funky and cool. Nice baseline and electro stabs. Please check out my latest track and vote back.

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SKYSA3 years ago

Great work. Loved it. Voted for your track. Please Listen to my Remix Of "Pretty Reckless" A lovely track By SoBElass If you Like It then Please Vote It thank you and Good luck! :D

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geek.nation3 years ago

Great track! :)

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Filip Hedans3 years ago

Yo, what's up bud!
Please vote for my track 'Remember' and I will vote back!

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Tanakorn lawan
Tanakorn lawan3 years ago

Voted ! you can verify on my supported track Vote 4 Vote

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///AMK3 years ago

Bryan, a little feedback on your track. Song sounds mixed, and mastered pretty well. Sounds have their own space and don't compete with each other so thats good. You could use some work on the builds, it would bring more impact when it drops. Could use some more sounds to fill in the spaces, and variation of those sounds through out would make it more interesting. Just my thoughts, but then again i only know enough to be dangerous. Lol! Good track though. ///AMK

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Arriev3 years ago

Hi! Hot track! Voted! Could you vote on my new big room track 'Arriev - Blow'? Thanks!

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Battery of Volta
Battery of Volta3 years ago

Cool song!
Feel free to listen to our debut track "Bad Manners" and comment/vote if you feel like it.
Battery of Volta

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Bare T'Ss
Bare T'Ss3 years ago

I voted for you, please vote to me, please " Bare TSs - House Game "

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Ahcr0n7mus Official

Voted! UwU you are a great Artist I know that you will get something really great, If you like to happen to listen to my last tracks if it were so you would appreciate it Much, you have a new follower 7w7 ?❤

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SPANKiN MUZiK3 years ago

Hi Bryan! Great track its perfect the way it is but if you wanna find that flavor you want, then you must experiment and play with your music try to play with the sound effects synths bass treble and see what you come up with. If this track is your style of sounds then stick of what you got. Good luck and hope that you get the chance to win....

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Two Voyagers
Two Voyagers3 years ago

Great track! Voted!
Awesome! Enjoyed here!
You can vote for my track '' Last Stand '' too? Thanks mate!

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jackalien3 years ago

Vote 4 Vote here ! Vote and comment my track and i will and vote yours. 3422

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Rajit Garg
Rajit Garg3 years ago

Personally I don't like tracks without a drop even if it is a house track and I can't see one here :( but I like the mastering of the percussion. Theres no really any depth in the breaks. Add some melodic vocals? Like Million Miles by Inpetto. Please check out my track Jungle

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SVMBRG3 years ago

VOTED and supported.... Great work man, love the drop! Don't miss out on my new original track "Sahara", if you like it please VOTE!:)

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T*O*M*S3 years ago

fantastik tune voted

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Dimos3 years ago

voted bro! really nice! pls vote back for honour!

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