Chromo is a psychedelic, very aggressive and heavy dance track. Imagine this track being played in a huge crowd full of colorful lights, it would make the crowd go insane. The break would be a wonderful part for waving the hands of the crowd. Vote for the track if you think it is Spinnin' material. Thank you! <3. Even though Soundcloud says this is a 5 month old track, the mix you hear is completely new.


TKNK3 years ago

So cool! Voted! I love it! I want to compose the tracks like yours!

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Nick Name3 years ago

Cool mix! Hope your mix will climb further up this chart! Curious what you think of my track..

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Felipe Hedan
Felipe Hedan3 years ago

Cool brother!
Vote for my track 'Kingdom' and i will vote back for you!

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Alfakey3 years ago

Voted bro! If u Can, Vote Back on my Track "Pyramid" For the Contest !!
Keep Producing and make good music for the world and Suporting our comunity of Producers !!
Remember that all begins with good music!!!

Any Support found me on face and send me a message
its nice to meet producers from the entire world
and change experiences !!!

Alfakey from São Paulo, Brazil Was Here!

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Hey ilmigue,
really unique sound :) Voted! Maybe you have some time to vote back for my track Fly.

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Sumaruk3 years ago

Great work here Chromo! Voted!
I made my first remix, it would be great if you could tell me what you think about it!
Have a wonderful day!

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Check out my track together, think you will really like it !!

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Check out my track together, think you will really like it !!!

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HEDENS3 years ago

Cool track brother!
Vote for my remix of 'ZAYN - sHe' and I will vote for you back! :)

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vscl3 years ago

Keep it up man!

CHECK OUT my new track "Get Up!" and leave a VOTE

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New Mexican Mafia

Voted! can u return the favor? thanks!!

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Javastar3 years ago

Wow! Great song, Please check out my track ''Come on'' (Contest)

Good job! ''Ilmigue''

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geek.nation3 years ago

Great track! :) Want promotion for your track to get ranked up? Check out our offer here: www(.)fiverr(.)com/s2/86e09ae1be

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Filip Hedans3 years ago

Yo, what's up mate!
Please vote for my track 'Remember' and I will vote back!

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Luka_V3 years ago

Good track. Voted back.

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AR!N3 years ago mean my track is not spinnin' material?

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Love'er3 years ago

Hi! Good work!
I vote! Good luck!

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Ema Espinoza
Ema Espinoza3 years ago

Very cool actually! I voted :) vote back?

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Elevexx3 years ago

I like the plucks and the build a lot, and the synths on the drop have a nice trance feel as well!

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SKYSA3 years ago

Dope thing dude loved it. Great work Voted for your track. Please Listen to my Remix Of "Pretty Reckless" A lovely track By SoBElass If you Like It then Please Vote It thank you and Good luck! :D

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