One of the biggest successes of @WeAreGALANTIS, taken care of, by ZXR Productions. Back to the "Change Genre" Sessions. ZXR Productions Inc has got their hands on changing the entire genre of the most topped tracks out there. Another great single "No Money" from Galantis, is now a Pure HOUSE DUBSTEP and do a Standalone insanity in the house.


Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome3 years ago

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I look forward to hearing your tracks and being your friend :)

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FERLOARG3 years ago

Hi i voted for you, voteed back my new track SUBE Thanks!ZXR

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kushiemonster3 years ago

Great track!
Can you also vote for my track "Spicy"? I appreciate your help!!!

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itsTripleM3 years ago

I love your stuff! I may play this at the club next weekend :) can you vote back on my progressive future house track "Up & Down",.-

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P.B3 years ago

Voted for you!
Listen to my new song Party Memories!
Say what you think and vote for it, if you like it :)
Revive all the memories of your last party!!!!

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HEDANov3 years ago

Yo, what's up.
Awesome track, please vote for my track 'Kharma' and I will vote back. :)

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AXXA3 years ago

Dope remix u made there mate !
you have my vote

please check my track "HiHa"

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DJ_ramy3 years ago

Support my new track 'Lost in Kashmir' (inspired by KSHMR)
Vote for Vote
Cheers :D.......

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FEBGE3 years ago

nice voted please have a listen to my latest track thanks
Thank you

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kushiemonster3 years ago

Great track!!!
Can you also vote for my track "Spicy"? I appreciate your help!!!

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JordieIreland3 years ago

sick track! this is so dope :P like actually so much better than the original! would love for you to check out my remix of KO:YU's 'Don't Wait' :) thanks

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DvrkVce & Lady EM

Good track!
You have our vote!!
Please vote back our last track "Home" :)
Thank you! :D

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Cikmo3 years ago

Hi. I really liked this! You earned a vote!!!!
Would you like to also check out my track "Heal" and if you like it give it a vote?
I would really appreciate it!

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Kayman3 years ago

Love this remix ZXR i like it more than the original one :D you have my vote! You can check it on my supported tracks list.
please vote my latest track"Back On The Game"i would appreciate a lot . Thanks!

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Mordkey3 years ago

Cool remix! You got my vote! Please make sure to vote back for my latest track called Your Love!

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Franco Gaitan
Franco Gaitan3 years ago

galantis-no money gran trabajo!
me gusto mucho.
esero tu voto en mi trabajo nuevo.
Franco Gaitan - Lacox - Open Space

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rowleyjoshua5843 years ago

Probably ZXR! Vote dropped

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Thomas Bld
Thomas Bld3 years ago

I've listened to your remix and i must say WOW! You have my VOTE for sure!
I really appreciate it, if you can also VOTE for my "Don't Wait" remix!
Keep up the good work and have a nice day!:)

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Zex & Fex
Zex & Fex3 years ago

I Have Listened to Your track, Good Job, Nice Track! Full Support for You!! Voted!!! :D
Please listen my new remix, "KO:YU feat. Example- Don't wait (Zex & Fex Remix)"!!!!!
Make sure to vote for our track, IN OUR PROFILE!!!! Thank you

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ASOX__3 years ago

Hey ZXR, you have my Vote! Please vote back and comment on my track "Sweet Home", thanks!!!

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