One of the biggest successes of @WeAreGALANTIS, taken care of, by ZXR Productions. Back to the "Change Genre" Sessions. ZXR Productions Inc has got their hands on changing the entire genre of the most topped tracks out there. Another great single "No Money" from Galantis, is now a Pure HOUSE DUBSTEP and do a Standalone insanity in the house.


Jack James
Jack James3 years ago

Voted! Very NICE!!

Please check our new track “HEAVEN”d

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D-Lux3 years ago

Ciao, good remix, voted! Could you vote on my remix of 'Ko:Ju - Don't wait' contest please ? Thanks!

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LAFAYETTE ✪3 years ago

Amazing track ZXR!
You got my vote!
Can you please vote for my track Lucid?
Thank you!
Cool DJ Name by the way, it's original

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IDC Records
IDC Records3 years ago

nice flow
Please vote 4 my new track "SERUM" if u like

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shortpeter4103 years ago

Just Incredible. Can’t really wait to see you live at Stereozonic. it is 24th April, right? Voted!

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callummorton923 years ago

Dope. Can’t find any other word that describes better.

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skinnermason7913 years ago

You’re gonna be top 10 with this type of music if you keep doing this. Vote sent.

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elliotdavidson243 years ago

Lots of votes and love from Brazil!

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oliver_john333 years ago

If you do a show in my country, You’ll be sold out in less than 1 day dude. Voted.

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stevensonaaron413 years ago

thanks for the amazing upload. love you so much.

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Victoria D. Cooper

One of the dopest transitions ever.

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nelsongabriel313 years ago

Put your hands up in the air, because ZXR is in da house!

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Betty A. Stearns
Betty A. Stearns3 years ago

really deserves a vote. ZXR for the win. Please support back if you like my work.

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Beyond expectations. “Best Teenagers’ Choice” music, i’d say.

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Angelo Pic
Angelo Pic3 years ago

great job !!!!!!!!
excellent track !!!
Please rate my new track Yellowstone !!
Thanks buddy!!!!
Good Luck!!

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I have an acute cancer, and I heard this alone lying in the hospital bed.

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ZXRProductions3 years ago

Thanks for your love towards ZXR Productions! We'll pray for you to get well at the soonest, Stay strong!

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Horace	Christopher

seriously, this couldn’t have been ANY better than this. vote, there.

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Victor	Jeff
Victor Jeff3 years ago

Good job ZXR. Can’t wait to listen to your future songs.

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Cecil	Timothy
Cecil Timothy3 years ago

You got a vote and a Follower! :)

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Donald	Pete
Donald Pete3 years ago

That’s some seriously Fantastic job.

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