One of the biggest successes of @WeAreGALANTIS, taken care of, by ZXR Productions. Back to the "Change Genre" Sessions. ZXR Productions Inc has got their hands on changing the entire genre of the most topped tracks out there. Another great single "No Money" from Galantis, is now a Pure HOUSE DUBSTEP and do a Standalone insanity in the house.


Isaac	Don
Isaac Don3 years ago


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Charley	Silas
Charley Silas3 years ago

Feel the vibe. Voted.

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Milton	Bruce
Milton Bruce3 years ago

Just amazing.

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Stephen	Fredrick
Stephen Fredrick3 years ago

This sounds soo crisply authentic. Voted.

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August	Roger
August Roger3 years ago

Whoever says this is a calm song, has Mental Disorders. I call this Hardstyle!

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sinclair_elise3 years ago

Voted! Please vote back.

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Joyce B. Ronquillo

Oh there you go, another great stuff.

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lawsonsean2333 years ago

BETTER THAN ORIGINAL! You’ll top on this one.

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rosskyle3533 years ago

Can’t Wait to see you live at Stereozonic 2017!

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kusta53 years ago

Hey ZXR, Cool fresh sounding remix, nice new twist on the original, good dubstep vibe! You have my Vote and Support! Please vote back and comment on my track "To Run Free", thanx!!!

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suttonspencer3053 years ago

Just awesome.

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tombowen713 years ago

Voted. Please support back by vote on my latest track.

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baileycameron6743 years ago

Can you vote more than once? Because Why not! :) Please vote back.

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jay.wallace543 years ago

Look at that, Some seriously incredible work there. Voted!

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jennings.luca3 years ago

Voted! superior work!

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Isabella Deffell
Isabella Deffell3 years ago


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zakking4133 years ago

Voted a Million times! Love you.

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lawrenceethan703 years ago

Can you please share the Buy links as soon as possible? I just CAN’T WAIT to Smash a Party with this music.

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edwardsnoah5713 years ago

Duuuuude, those Snares are just insane. I’ll probably pass out listening to this.

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gibsonjames2663 years ago

One of the most talented Producers coming out, One of those is you after Martin Garrix.

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