Jansky Official
Jansky Official3 years ago

Sounds good through my headphones. Awesome remix! Liking this!!!
Top work I voted!!!!!

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MSCX3 years ago

Very good you have my vote we hope that we also have your apollo and please invite them to listen to our new remix that is in our soundcloud profile we would like to read your opinions

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome3 years ago

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I look forward to hearing your tracks and being your friend :)

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itsTripleM3 years ago

supported bre! I might play this at the club next weekend! can you vote back on my progressive future house track "Up & Down"-,

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Arys Music
Arys Music3 years ago

Dope track !!! Voted!
This is my new "We Gatta Love" track. Hope for your supporting!

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Zex & Fex
Zex & Fex3 years ago

Amazing track. Voted!!!
Please listen to my new track "Zex & Fex - Lost (Original Mix)".
If you like vote for us, comment and let us know your opinion!
Thank you..

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RONGGAR3 years ago

Nice ! Voted !
Mind to check & vote my new track " Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix) ", Thanks!

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RKSHT3 years ago

Voted bruh ! :)
Full Support !
Sounds cool :D
Keep it goin' . Anyways , could you take a look at my latest track in here and give it a listen , maybe ?! I'd be really appreciative of it and I'm all excited to hear what you've got to say about it . Have a great day ahead , bruh . Cheers ! :D

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Fulloctave3 years ago

Excellent Track Well done, Voted and Supported! Everything sounds nice and mixed and mastered well. Could you please vote back for my latest track Moonlight. Good luck and I hope to see you at the top of the charts. Thanks for your support :)

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Battery of Volta
Battery of Volta3 years ago

Feel free to listen to our demo track "BAD MANNERS" and comment/vote if you feel like it!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller3 years ago

voted!vote back Larry (rock me)!listen it

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MIM 64
MIM 643 years ago

NICE VOICAL ;) you got my voted plz listen to my new demo track MY DREAM ... I NEED YOUR VOTE. TNX

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The Moment
The Moment3 years ago

Nice track Black
you got my voted
hope you will like my new track "I see"
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Score: 1
tHe Caretaker
tHe Caretaker3 years ago

Hey cool and fresh track! You got my vote! Please check my track " Don't wait " and vote me back or write a comment if you like it! Thank you and good luck!

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ChrisSeibert3 years ago

Voted for your let you go track i like it! It would would be awesome if you could check out my recent track "Light Years" and leave a like if you think it deserves it! Thanks man!

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ReyMod.com3 years ago

goooddd, vote!!!, Please vote back for my latest production!! XD and please follow me

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CRPL3D3 years ago

sick track man!..feelin this one..voted an supported..can you vote back on my track "on tonight" thanks..

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Will Heaven
Will Heaven3 years ago

Hey! I just listened to your track, and you managed to bluff me! So I leave my vote because you deserve it!

I invite you to discover "NATURE" and travel with the birds.. ??❤

Score: 1
Ljustell3 years ago

Nice remix Black 4 White! Make sure you check out my new track Bright as well, and good luck!

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