Battery of Volta

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Hey! I just finished listening to your track and all I can say is Wow. There are some elements in here where I can hear your are working on developing your own sound. Keep heading in that direction, you definitely have my vote! The chords, melody and progression of the track are all good choices.

I hope you can take the time and vote back for my track “ERROR 28” and leave me some feedback; it would be greatly appreciated.

If you ever need support in the future with a vote, follow me on SoundCloud and message me through SoundCloud. I will follow back on SoundCloud for support. You can also send me some of your work through SoundCloud and I will take a listen to it and provide you with some feedback or comments. It may take some time because I get a lot of music sent to me but I will get back to you. Look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you and Good Luck!! - CHIMMY GARRIX! Please vote see u rising!

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Anvvar Music
Anvvar Music2 years ago

Hey Mate! I've Heard Your Track, And I Really Loved It.
Really Loved The Intro Of The Track. Keep It Up Mate!
Definitely Voted And Followed For More Music From You ;)
Could You Please Give Me A Vote On My Remix For "Nervo ft. Cheif Keef - Champagne?"
It Will Really Be Appreciated!
Anyways, Keep Up The Good Work.. Looking Forward For Your Upcoming Tracks Mate! :)

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MILJANA2 years ago

Amazing track ;):D. Voted and supported. Can you please check out my remix 'End With You' and vote back if you like it. Thank you.

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Yosa Nugraha
Yosa Nugraha2 years ago

sick ! voted !
Check out my Brand new Music and vote if you like it !

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Dr. cat
Dr. cat2 years ago

I really like it and voted for you!
please vote back my track "Elf"
thanks bro :D

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Dj Zryan
Dj Zryan2 years ago

Good track! you got my vote check out my new track (DJ ZRRYAN - Save Me)

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem2 years ago

hey man! , i'm producer too, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my track "PINATA",
really want to become better, and feedback with artist like you are really preciois for me!
👊 - Léo Ben Salem

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ANDREW MUSIC2 years ago

Really good track you got my support VOTED you can support me by Vote for my track YOUR LOVE:)

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HighVision2 years ago

Very good track , please vote me back ;)

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ANDREW MUSIC2 years ago

<3Really good track you got my support VOTED you can support me by Vote for my track YOUR LOVE.

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Klein Kleijn
Klein Kleijn2 years ago

Hi! It's cool! Nice song and drop. Amazing staff. Check my track [AGONY]. I voted youe

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ShiftedBeatZ2 years ago

Outstanding producing.....

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DAFU4U2 years ago

Very cool!

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Boog2 years ago

Good track !!!
Vote !

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Noisy8882 years ago

Cool song!!! Excellent!!! Voted...

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Jay Dixie
Jay Dixie2 years ago

This is so great! Amazing 808s and the elements are really interesting! Voted!

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R4L3PH2 years ago

Sounds sick, I love it! You've got my vote!

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Fab Koala
Fab Koala2 years ago

This is great guys, i really admire it. Thanks for your comments, hope once we can work together.
Fab koala

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Nikkan2 years ago

Battery of Volta voted done

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Soul Tears
Soul Tears2 years ago

Little bit too aggressive for me, but your style is interesting.

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