Emanuel Haakon
Emanuel Haakon2 years ago

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dj kevin m
dj kevin m2 years ago

ciao bella traccia se ai un momento per votare la mia ultima free soul

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karpdust2 years ago

Nice job mixing all of the sounds in, must have taken along time finish without clipping. What do the vocals say? please check out my big house demo "another drunk night in vegas." Thanks bro!

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KCN2 years ago

Nice track Bro ! Voted ! Please Vote me back !!!

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Leftblu2 years ago

Hey, that's a great song !
Well done!
You got my vote.
It would be awesome if you vote back for my latest song ;)

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Zyzz222 years ago

Voted!! please check out my new remix :D

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Jonas Eb
Jonas Eb2 years ago

Wow Voted!
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Eric Vytralix
Eric Vytralix2 years ago

Awesome Track! You've got my vote!
Please vote for my Track "Remember"
Thanks and have a nice day :)

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Dj Funky
Dj Funky2 years ago


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Pyrosecrets2 years ago

Great work !!!! See and vote for my song Pyrosecrets - Surpassed

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Ahmet Gulmez
Ahmet Gulmez2 years ago

voted , can you give a vote my latest track AHMET GÜLMEZ - ALAN WALKER FADED (REMİX)

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Bargus2 years ago

Hey bro i love this track and voted. Can you check my last track?

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Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo2 years ago

Already voted ;) Check my remix of "Don't Wait" too and vote if you like :)

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Oxyoze2 years ago

Amazing track ! Voted !
I am sure I'll remember your name.
It would be cool if you could check out my new REMIX "Feel Home" !!

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Callum Jammes
Callum Jammes2 years ago

I am loving this track!!

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FEBGE2 years ago

nice track,voted back,could you listen and vote to my new track? Thanx For The Support☺

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Turtle neck
Turtle neck2 years ago

nice bit of talent here i liked and voted well done .. please have a listen to my new track bee bounce you might like it to thanks

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Dab Mode
Dab Mode2 years ago

Great Job Man!
Good Work!

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Baaaa2 years ago

Please vote for my "Deadmau5 ft. Grabbitz - Let Go" remix.
Good Luck

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RyanLey2 years ago

nice song!! I really like it bro like everything i mean everything fits really nicely, the intro also hooks the listeners! I literally just posted a track and was wondering if you guys could comment and give me feedback to! thank you!

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