Another Night (Julian Mars Remix)

Mike Williams ft. Matluck

This is my first participation and I hope you like this remix :D


Twizzle3 years ago

dope remix bro!! i know its late but hope to share the top with you!!! you got my vote and a new follower :p good luck on the contest and keep it up!! (please if you dont mind vote back my remix too) .r

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Nikolay Cranner
Nikolay Cranner3 years ago

Cathy intro you got there! Julian!
You defently got my vote.
Let me know what you think about my version.

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Degg3 years ago

Amazing job man! Voted for you obviosuky. Please check and support my remix too. I wish the best for you and your track :)

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Degg3 years ago

Amazing job man! Voted for you obviosuky. Please check and support my remix too. I wish the best for you and your track :)

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Tomas Iwin
Tomas Iwin3 years ago

I VOTED for you! Please VOTE back, support to support is really important! Good luck Julian

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison3 years ago

Hi Julian ! I just love your remix. There's a lot of work. That's sounds really great ! Congrats ! I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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Lionman3 years ago

The melody is really catchy! Voted. Check and vote my remix

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Jay Mark
Jay Mark3 years ago

If you need votes, please check out my new track Universe.

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Kevan Ramer
Kevan Ramer3 years ago

THis is great work. Voted, also checked your Soundcloud for more ! Great remix you have got here ! A potential contender for winning! Great EQing (it's impressive how you saved so much headroom) , nothing is overblown so I guess you did a nice job keeping your mix smooth :) Furthermore, nice usage of stems, nice line between original and your own ideas (originality is very valuable you know) and I love your kick. Maybe it's your mixing, maybe the sample, but it is just so good ! I believe you can always improve but you really put a lot of effort into this one and it is clearly seen ! So I wish you good luck in the contest and ask you to vote me back on my “Another Night” remix if possible :) Keep it up and cheers :) !

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John Trax
John Trax3 years ago

Sup Julian,,

Nice Remix u got here !! Im listening all those tracks here one by one and voting for ya so you can check my Remix too and vote me back!! :D Simple as that!! message me back if u wanna have some really honest feedback 4 your track!! good Luck mate and enjoy the contest!! ;D

John Trax !! d=_=b

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BRAUNFUFEL3 years ago

Hey Julian Mars, nice job mixing your own ideas and synths along with the original stems. Nice creative use of new leads, kicks, and snares! The general mixing and eqing of the track makes it flow well into each buildup, and drop as well.
Anyway, definitely voted for you and checked your profile for more stuff :D.
Could you return the favor and listen/vote for my ‘Another Night’ remix? That would mean the world to me.
I wish the best for you and you track. Hope to see this at the top of the charts!
Please message me on Soundcloud if you would like to collab on a track also. Have a nice day

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Creajum3 years ago

Voted Julian Mars, good track ! I like) Please check my remix "Another Night" Thank you my friend ;)

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Don Kon
Don Kon3 years ago


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John Polo
John Polo3 years ago

Sup' Julian Mars :)

I'm writing everyone here in the contest and listening to your tracks :D I'm voting for every track, so you won't miss out on my vote of course! :))
I'd be happy to leave you some feedback, so if you are intrested in getting it, hit me upp on my track and I'll leave you some honest feedback asap! :D

Voted! :)

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x503 years ago

Sick remix Julian Mars, if you don't win, you should definitely change this to an original track and release it yourself! I'm sure people will like it <3 I made a melodic house remix, can you help me out a little and vote for it? It would mean the world to me, Thank You!!

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Tson3 years ago

my remix sounds kinda like yours!:)

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C0R33 years ago

WOWOWOWWOW Voted , nice remix Julian Mars.

please check my remix

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Alien Narrow
Alien Narrow3 years ago

I do not know, maybe clear music, but I still just rang out for you and you also give a vote for me here they all do it/////........./,,,And those who read this comment go and vote and I'll vote for you, just write that you voted assure you I'll vottччччччччччччччччччччччччччччччч

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Freezone3 years ago

Sick remix Julian Mars. Voted! Please check out my remix!

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Scripted Drama
Scripted Drama3 years ago

Really great remix! you got me with that drop
I am sure I'll remember your name.
It would mean a lot to me if you could check out my latest track aswell

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