This is my first track in 2017.In the rhythm of bubbles ??? I hope that you enjoy it???


KLYCHKEY3 years ago

Nice Track!!!
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Feel free to vote back :)
Good luck!!!!!

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Matthew Booyah
Matthew Booyah3 years ago


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Twizzle3 years ago

hey bro this is dope! voted for sure! you got a new follower :D and voted ofc ;) if u dont mind bro please vote my mike williams remix for the contest(first song in my profile :) ) i really need your vote bro, you already got mine ;) :DDD thank you dude keep it up :p

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Cikmo3 years ago

Hi there, I loved this! You earned my vote!
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I would really apreciate it!!!!

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ishaanguptayt3 years ago

Check out my latest track and my SoundCloud. I will definitely vote for your track and check out your SoundCloud to :)h

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Raskay3 years ago

Beautiful work, congratulations 👊.....

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fabiovitale793 years ago

nice work, voted back

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Faz Ridge
Faz Ridge3 years ago

Sick track!
Hope you also check out my new track "Voices".

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Davidee3 years ago

great sound bro ! i love it ! i voted please vote my track "hope people beat"

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Tsachi3 years ago

Wicked stuff Mata, really enjoyed the track man. You have my vote and support! I would appreciate it if you could vote for my house track "Clockwork" as well :)
Good luck in the pool!

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Priyank Shah
Priyank Shah3 years ago

Hy bro nice track voted Can you please vote my track "Jyye-Oxygen (Priyank Shah Mix)" by visiting my profile please thank you ..

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cainmusic3 years ago

Nice work man. Voted!

Feel free to listen my another night remix in the contest

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samDK67503 years ago

Thank you for your vote !! Mata, you have all my support!! :)

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Kevin Colin.
Kevin Colin.3 years ago

Cool track Mata, voted back!

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Nacho Bordon
Nacho Bordon3 years ago

Sick track! Voted. Check my track "The party" and vote if you like it

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Arellen ☑️
Arellen ☑️3 years ago

Nice track mate :) sure i will vote this one,,,
please check out my new track ELECTRO and vote if u like,thanks before :):)

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Tony Ferdinand
Tony Ferdinand3 years ago


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felipehedan3 years ago

Cool mate!
Hey, please listen my track called 'Vocaloid' and i will vote you back! :)

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Mike Windmills
Mike Windmills3 years ago

Like it!!
You have our vote and full support!!
Please, help we, vote back our last track "Beatiful Sunday"
Thank You and good luck!v

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leonvuksic3 years ago

Hey Mata, nice sound!
Please check out my track "Lose Control" and give me a vote if you like it :)
Good luck!

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