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jlmusicc2 years ago

Hey brother! I love it! 😻 Still working hard 😉 Voted!
Could you listen my track "aloha" if you like it vote please 🙏

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Davidee2 years ago

amazing track yes voted and support ! thx for your vote

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kushiemonster3 years ago

Nice track!!!
Can you also vote for my track "Stream"? Appreciate the help!!

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Igor Chi1i
Igor Chi1i3 years ago

Awesome! You've got my vote! I'm sure that you will go far. Please, vote back my "Coco Jambo (2017 remix)"!

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Crucial Factor
Crucial Factor3 years ago

Dope track Rejark!! You got my vote, check out the track on my profile and I would truly appreciate your vote!

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FACEVALUE3 years ago

Nice track dude. Really feelin it. Voted!!7
If you could vote my new track 'Syncopate' back when you can that'd be much appreciated!
Jack - Face Value

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Adrian DeWitt
Adrian DeWitt3 years ago

Excellent song good work I hope you continue producing good music You have my vote and my support . .. you can also check my new song "Weird Sounds" and vote for it if you like . . . Thanks

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Fil Hedan
Fil Hedan3 years ago

Cool track mate!
Please vote for my track 'Gemini' and I will vote for you back! :)

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Voted! I like it!
Please check our new track “HEAVEN”

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Σven3 years ago

Yow Rejark! Just voted! As a little helping hand! ;)

If you want some constructive and honest feedback, hit me up in my comment section, I'll be delighted to give you some objective thoughts about quality and arrangement on your latest work! Like really ahah!

Much respect!

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F3rrix3 years ago

Nice track!!
Thnx for your support. ✌

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BrokenBeat3 years ago

Nice vibe man :) You have my vote !
Support my new track "Life is Music" :)

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SAWRAV3 years ago

hey liked it man i voted too pls vote back my track zeus

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AbsoluteBass3 years ago

Hey, REJARK! I'd like to say that you got a nice tunes there!
I really love the flow and how beat keeps going. Melodies and loops seems quite nice as well and overall it sounds good!
You have my vote, mate - supporting!
It would be great if you could vote for my first and the only track here called "REGENERATION" - so please check out and leave your opinion about it!
Let's make music great again! 🎵🎵🎵

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Nacho Siage
Nacho Siage3 years ago

Hello Rejark
You have my vote and my support.
Can you give me a vote for my track "Dare Yourself"? Thank you very much.
Good luck

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The Forgery
The Forgery3 years ago

Ciao Rejark, ti ho contatto su SoundCloud. Volevo vedere se ti interessava far un remix. Fammi sapere. Ciao

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BASTWIST3 years ago

Yo it's really nice! keep it up ! ;)

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G WHITE3 years ago

Nice song! Voted For You

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MOBROS Music3 years ago

Amazing track! Voted & Supported! Please vote for our new Single ‚GOOD VIBES'. Thank you very much and we will see us on the top! :)

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MOIZDHE3 years ago

Hello friend dj producer, I just noticed that you have an excellent material, and I will vote correctly for you, if it is not too much to ask, I invite you to listen to my new remix of Post malone - congrantulations, I want you to give me a good opinion And vote if done a good job greetings from venzuela.

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