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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 3 years ago

Pretty cool track! Solid build up and the soundquality isn't bad either. Both drops needs some extra push though, all the energy should come out here and it doesn't feel that way at this point. Good luck!

Score: 3
kusta53 years ago

Thank You very much for comment - means a lot to me -will do better next time!!!

Score: 2
Chubi3 years ago

Yes i thought the same, it needs more power

Score: 0
Adrian DeWitt
Adrian DeWitt3 years ago

Spinnin is only supporting boring songs ...and no supports for the future bounce so either raise what they want or do not accept ....... I like your song is excellent man ........

Score: 0
@iamdjlars3 years ago

please check my track back to me and provoke spinnin records!

Score: 0
JannK2 years ago

Its very nice. But there are some things you should change. You should do the Piano a little bit louder for more power. and in the Drop the sub bass needs a little bit louder. You need to put a catchy clap to it(and louder than yours) . After this is a perfect song:) I hope i could help you

Score: 0
NatRD2 years ago

So cool, I voted for it. Good luck.
Please can you vote my last track 'Feliz'. and also could you repost it on Soundcloud? please!
Thank you!

Score: 0
Antony Vision
Antony Vision3 years ago

Very Good! VOTE!!!
Good time! I'm a young musician from Russia. I do not need your support. I participate in DJ CONTEST 2017

Score: 0
Yosa Nugraha
Yosa Nugraha3 years ago

nice Drop ! voted !
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Score: 0
Cristian Func
Cristian Func3 years ago

Good track bro! ! Please check out my latest REASON demo!

Score: 0
Klein Kleijn
Klein Kleijn3 years ago

Hi! It's cool! Nice song and drop. Amazing staff. Check my track [AGONY]. I voted your

Score: 0
L E N N3 years ago

Cool track, liked it. Drop could be more 'fatter'. Voted and followed ;) Check my track too if you want.

Score: 0
Andorro3 years ago

Awesome, I like the vibe in this one! Voted :)

Score: 0
kushiemonster3 years ago

Nice track!!
Can you also vote for my track "Stream"? Appreciate the help!!

Score: 0
Kuijex3 years ago

Nice track, why so low rank???
Very nice nice nice
I like your other tracks too!
I have a remix of Martin Garrix - Scared to be loneley, if u have any timo u can listen it, I am sure u like it!@@

Score: 0
while3 years ago

good work :) i like it
Please listen my new track "Distance" with Katja

Score: 0
Igor Chi1i
Igor Chi1i3 years ago

Great job! You've got my vote! I'm sure that you will go far. Please, vote back my "Coco Jambo (2017 remix)"!

Score: 0
DOVER3 years ago

Hey bro this is dope!!! voted for sure! you got a new follower :D and voted ofc :Dif u dont mind bro please vote my track "ETHEREAL" :) ) i really need your vote bro, you already got mine :DDD thank you dude keep it up :p ! ! !!! ! !

Score: 0
UrbznSky3 years ago

Dope track!! Voted :) Check out our new banger "Gas"!

Score: 0
Deleteddd3 years ago

AMAZING SONG!!! VOTED!!! Keep going!! please vote for my new song -----> DRSSN - BLAME

Score: 0
Giuliano Recca
Giuliano Recca3 years ago

Great concept, nice atmosphere, happy vibes, VOTED!

Please check and support my another night remix!!!!!!!!!

Score: 0
Fil Hedan
Fil Hedan3 years ago

Cool track!
Please vote for my track 'Gemini' and I will vote for you back! :)

Score: 0
UrbznSky3 years ago

Holy shit bro ur tune has a dope vibe really got me hooked in, 100% got my vote would appreciate if you checked out our new banger "Gas" ur vote would be dope

Score: 0
UrbznSky3 years ago

Nice track! Votred forshure, check out our new banger gas if you got the time :)

Score: 0