Derek Dada

Hey guys! check out my new track! leave a like if you enjoyed it! cheers! DD. https://youtu.be/lRO3n-EYSOI


Dobie2 years ago

nice one, love melody like Italo disco from 80s, add one more layer to main theme at the end to raise it and make it more powerful, try to add some pluck or stab arps in the back to give more dynamic atmo, voted, and liked on YouTube ... good luck

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Creajum3 years ago

Voted Derek, good track ! I like) Please check my remix "Another Night" Thank you my friend ;)

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G_T3 years ago

Hey Derek ! This track was a great one, i expected with a name like Orbit for it to be Trance or something lol. I loved your melody and the energy . I think if you raised the BPM upto 130-132, it would sound even BETTER !
You got my vote with this one man, looking forward to hearing more cool tracks from you this year !
Oh, can you vote for my latest track ZEN ? I think you'll dig the extremely melodic vibes <3 Thanks !!!

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pordimare3 years ago

vote 4 vote?
comment 'done' on my remix of ‘Another Night’ and I'll vote back asap! (i'll check if you really did)

have a nice day!!!

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itsTripleM3 years ago

Triple M support! I may play this at the club this weekend! can you vote back on my track "Planetarium"!

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QU1QUE\SERRA DJ3 years ago

Hi Derek,Your track sounds great, I love this groove
Could you give a listen at my track "Rave In The Heaven"? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. Hope you have a nice day bro! ¿VOTE x VOTE?

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Digital Union
Digital Union3 years ago

Amazing job buddy! Voted! Vote back if you can! 🙌😎👊

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André Gerrits
André Gerrits3 years ago

Hey, Nice track man Voted! Could u vote for my last track to??

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Leoo3 years ago

Great work , you got my vote and new follower, please vote back for my track called SO EASY & follow me back !!
Good luck on the rank-list ! ,

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DJ SHANE(145)3 years ago

Nice track!Got my vote but please, I need your help! Vote for my track "Now Or Never" to get a higher rank!
I produced it with effort!I am just 16 years old and so talented!
Thank you for every vote!

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John Trax
John Trax3 years ago

Hi mate, Sup'
Nice Peace of Music u got here. Keep it up!! VOTED !!! ;D
Vote back on my last remix "Another Night" ,I would really appreciate it.. and leave some feedback if u like :)

John Trax.

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Eric Vytralix
Eric Vytralix3 years ago

Nice Track :) You've got my vote!
Please vote for my Track "Reload It"
Thanks and have a nice day :D

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RichardBahericz3 years ago

Voted & followed!! Please vote & follow me back :=)
Many thx!

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Vlt3 years ago

Cool track man ! You got my vote !! Please vote back on my remix of "Another night" ! It would be really appreciated ! Thankss

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DeadTrance DT
DeadTrance DT3 years ago

Good Track bro, Very melodic and danceable,
Liked The Melody,I Voted!
Please Vote Back my track Wake Up

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Mistro ts
Mistro ts3 years ago

NOICE! Voted! super cool melodies and great job! Please vote for my newest song "Fantasy" Many Thanks and good luck! <3

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cainmusic3 years ago

Great base liners, nice melody, VOTED!

Please check and support my another night remix!

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Seb Wiggins
Seb Wiggins3 years ago


Just going through the talent pool giving my support to as many people as I can :) So you've got my VOTE! and support and wish you all the best, I really do!

It would make my day if you could be so kind as to check out my Shape Of You Remix and show it some love if possible?

Thanks, and all the best in your journey!!!!!!!!!

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Giantiago3 years ago

yeah cool song☺🎧. Vote and Support by me. Check my Song "Colours" and vote for it. Thanks and Greetings from Germany.

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Jay Mark
Jay Mark3 years ago

Voted, please vote back!

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