Another Night

Mike Williams ft. Matluck

A blend of melodic dubstep, future bass and downtempo progressive house -a different take on Mike Williams' and Matluck's "Another Night". Enjoy!


Giuliano Recca
Giuliano Recca3 years ago

Great concept, nice atmosphere, happy vibes, VOTED!

Please check and support my another night remix!! :D

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Twizzle3 years ago

dope remix bro!! i know its late but hope to share the top with you!!! you got my vote and a new follower :p good luck on the contest and keep it up!! (please if you dont mind vote back my remix too) @

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RONGGAR3 years ago

Nice Track ! Voted & Supported !
Mind to listen & vote my new track " Got The Feeling (Original Mix) ", Thanks !

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Malcolm Zeller
Malcolm Zeller3 years ago

Voted! Vote me?

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Tomas Iwin
Tomas Iwin3 years ago

VOTED! Please vote back and good luck, Madarasi

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NG3 years ago

This is si cool! Voted!

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mcSalan3 years ago

thanks for support already voted for your track.....

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Blanee3 years ago

Voted :) good job! Please check out my remix of "Another Night" and vote back. Thank you.

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Vwanttie3 years ago

I Voted MADARASI! Nice Chill Trap

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K33 years ago


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DJZirro3 years ago

This sounds really sick!! i like the ideas!!!! :D. Bdw thanks for you're feedback!! I appriciate it a LOT!!! :D. I voted back for sure :))))

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Acxïo3 years ago

Nice! Voted
Mind To Vote my new track called "Hopeless" Thanks!

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Faylasuf3 years ago

Voted Back!

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Will Roswell
Will Roswell3 years ago

Woah this is a really cool remix. I was jamming to it! It honestly just needs work on the mixing. There was a lot of frequencies clashing and it sounded a bit muddy and overcompressed. But if you ignore that, the idea you have is rock solid. I'm gonna give you a follow. Can't wait to hear your next stuff :)

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RITOmakesmusic3 years ago

Hey bro, nice remix . Voted

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pordimare3 years ago

thank you so much for your reply! I love getting comments like this! I do however vote for others, apparently you didn't notice. With your nice comment you deserve a vote so I voted yours. Have a nice day ;).

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mcSalan3 years ago

nice remix...good work..but work lit. bit on mixing.
please check my remix if you got time..thanks have a nice day...

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Omny3 years ago

Hey man i want to say you that track is nice,the big problem is the mixing, it sounds also as you put too much saturations on everything. Anyway i vote you especially because the remix is original. I am super happy about your comments about my remix. You understood everything. Yeah it's like tujamo drop but more elctro and dark and yeah the vocal chops after the 30 seconds of the two drops are reversed. Good luck;)

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Vlt3 years ago

Cool track MADARASI! I voted to show my support ! Please show me your support by voting for my remix of "Another night" back ! Thank you I appreciate it !

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Creajum3 years ago

Thank you MADARASI ;)
I voted back!)

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