Fabio Carry

This smooth, eclectic beat is tied together with simple, palpable lyrics that promote a feeling of determination and positivity that sets the perfect tone for the ultimate summer. “Panamalu” doesn’t have a meaning; it isn’t a place you can physically visit. It’s symbolic of the perfect summer. Jumping into the ocean for the first hot day of the season, kissing that special someone by the bonfire under the stars, dancing from dawn until dusk with your friends; that’s “Panamalu”.


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 1 year ago

Summer vibes right here! The atmoshpere of the track is nice, but there's a few things you can improve to make the song more interesting. The vocals needs some juice as it gets a bit tedious because you're using them both as verse and chorus. Our advise: make sure there's contrast between verse and chorus. Write a few more lines on the verse, and the chorus can be something like an 'wooohooohooo',it's good to keep it simple, but not too simple :). Furthermore we suggest to delete the part 0:16-0:41. At 1:48->second verse, at 2:22 the second chorus. Hope that helps!

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