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Cool track!
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Fil Hedan
Fil Hedan3 years ago

Cool track!
Please vote for my track 'Gemini' and I will vote for you back! :)

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Barbodmusic3 years ago

Hey Alien / Good Job
<< Voted >> And " Followed You "
check back my remix track [ Kamyar - Asan Ye Vazi ( Barbod Remix ) ] and let me know your feedback
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❤️ thank you ❤️

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Σven3 years ago

Yow Alien N! Just voted! As a little helping hand! ;)

If you want some constructive and honest feedback, hit me up in my comment section, I'll be delighted to give you some objective thoughts about quality and arrangement on your latest work! Like really ahah!

Much respect!

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FACEVALUE3 years ago

Nice track dude. Really feelin it. Voted!0
If you could vote my new track 'Syncopate' back when you can that'd be much appreciated!
Jack - Face Value

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

Voted Alien!! :)

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Battery of Volta
Battery of Volta3 years ago

Feel free to listen to our track "DO" and comment/vote if you feel like it!

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PO DO3 years ago

....i voted! back plz!

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John Polo
John Polo3 years ago

Hey Alien :D

I'm currently participating in the Mike Williams contest and wanted to spread the love even further outside the contest by voting for every talentpool entry too <3 So you got my vote :D Can I count on your support on my remix? Would reaally appreciate your help! :D

👉 Hit me up on my remix @ the comment section and ask me for some feedback, I happily provide my honest feedback on your tracks :))!! 👈
[ It's Mike Williams - "Another Day" where you can comment <3 :) ]

Spread the love :D

Voted! :)

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RichardBahericz3 years ago

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ronellB3 years ago

Absolute Banger!! voted! Please Listen to my new ID en vote

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Mata3 years ago

Really nice job 👍 and really voted 👍 Listen to my new song Jump 👍🎧🖐

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u-gyn3 years ago

Great work! Very melodic and danceable! I think this demand is deserved success. Voted. Please vote for my track "Bars On My Phone (Maximum Mix)"

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TSH3 years ago

Good track, Voted ! Please check my last bigroom "Down"! Thanks!!

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Rejark3 years ago

Rejark support! Man I love this track and I think it's worth getting into the Top10. He has good vibes and quality. I'll vote for it after I vote for my "TIME", I'm waiting😉

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LifeOfUniverse3 years ago

Hi man! Nice track man! You got our vote! Please vote back on our new track Siren! Cheers!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller3 years ago

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itsTripleM3 years ago

supported by Triple M! I may play this at the club this weekend! can you vote back on my future house track "Planetarium"!

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Buried Alive
Buried Alive3 years ago

Voted, nice job!
Please support my track with your vote "Can't Squad with Us (Ugly Kid Remix)
Thank you!

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Twizzle3 years ago

cool song bro!! :Ooo hope my vote helps you to reach top 1 :D voted :D plese if u dont mind vote back my remix is actually 2 on contest and i need to get back to the 1st place bro is just one day left!!!:D best wishes for your track !! :) (if anyone vote and comment my remix i'll vote back).

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