Von Hjalmar
Von Hjalmar3 years ago

voted ! :)

Score: 1
Martin Pivetta
Martin Pivetta3 years ago

Lindo trabajo, tiene mi voto.

Score: 1
N1TEL1TE3 years ago

GREAT TRACK!! You definitely have my VOTE :)
If you have a moment, check out our latest release "ISSUES"
Keep up the awesome work!

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HGZ3 years ago

Lyrics: "Give me your wallet, can't be without you"

Score: 1
SICKO B3ATZ3 years ago

Nice track! you have my vote!

Score: 1
Altall3 years ago

Hey dude, cool track, voted! tnx for your vote)

Score: 1
QUERTY3 years ago

Yeah! Vote n follow!

Score: 1
Soul Tears
Soul Tears3 years ago

Good job.
Voting you back ^^

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kushiemonster3 years ago

Nice track!
Can you also vote for my track "Stream"? Appreciate the help!!!

Score: 1
qvvrk3 years ago

Amazing track!!
I've got a Progressive and Futurebounce fusion called 'Panthera'
Check it out in my profile and Support if you like it.

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Lexus Music
Lexus Music3 years ago

Thank you for voting for me! here is my Vote my Follow and support.

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Kuijex3 years ago

Nice track, why so low rank???
Very nice nice nice
I like your other tracks too!
I have a remix of Martin Garrix - Scared to be loneley, if u have any timo u can listen it, I am sure u like it!

Score: 1
Duplex Bassline
Duplex Bassline3 years ago

Great Track, love your skill, voted Mr. Hedan, beautiful synths that u used and this lead... ^^
Would be thankful if you would just check out my track "Skyline" You donĀ“t have to vote it, but I want more opinions about it! ^^

Score: 1
Jasey Trace
Jasey Trace3 years ago

voted my man$$$ good work

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Magic Skipper
Magic Skipper3 years ago

Hey Mate!
I invite you to hear my newest (Magic Skipper - The Last [Magic Skipper Present Magic House])
Regard! Magic Skipper..

Score: 1
sakux3 years ago

Cool track bro.. You got voted! Thanks.

Score: 1
DAV53 years ago

Hey there!! Im here voting back! Thanks for your vote! Also pretty awesome track as well! Your intro already catches my attention with that amazing bass and kick!! The vocals are really trippy and your mixing and mastering is pretty good. Everything has its own space on the mix. It would be awesome if you could please show some love and support on my soundcloud, I will definitely follow back!

Score: 1

Heee Fil Hedan. Great track! You have my vote. Thanks for your great comment on my track BEACHBOYS.
Keep up the good work!

Score: 1
Nikkan3 years ago

Fil Hedan voted

Score: 1
Sphinx3 years ago

Nice man!!! (Voted, please check out my track 'Demon')

Score: 1