No Words Needed

Tony Rider

This is my brand new Track. This track on YouTube: For collab:


Andre Mayer
Andre Mayer3 years ago

Nice track :) Vote!
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Cikmo3 years ago

Hi. I really liked this! You earned a vote!
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FearNot3 years ago

Voted! The sounds u have used are so unique and cool! Please vote back our track 'Ocean'!

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Love'er3 years ago

Interesting ! Worthy! I vote! Good luck!
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Michael Lami
Michael Lami3 years ago

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Yosa Nugraha
Yosa Nugraha3 years ago

i like this track, it's so calm. voted !
Thanks for voting my track !

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SKYSA3 years ago

Thanks buddy voted back. Great Idea Loved it. Keep it up. Good luck.

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L E N N3 years ago

Great track, voted and followed u!
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Yosa Nugraha
Yosa Nugraha3 years ago

it so calm track, voted !
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OneAndOnly3 years ago

Great track. Really like this one. You can check my remix of "We don't talk anymore" by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez and let me know what you think ;D.

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KIDDO3 years ago

voted :)

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KIDDO3 years ago

the moomba style drop was cool but the breakdown needs more synths because I just hear only bass.

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ANDREW MUSIC3 years ago

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QUERTY3 years ago

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Dj Zryan
Dj Zryan3 years ago

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OfficialPisces3 years ago

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voted ..very relavant beats going on here....please vote back for bring it to the dancefloor..., ....,

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Xedis3 years ago

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

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Dr. cat
Dr. cat3 years ago

well done!
I voted for you.
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