DJ Peretse feat. Sarah Nur

This track was recorded in collaboration with the Azerbaijani singer Sarah Nur


Crossnaders3 years ago

Nice job on all the little edits. Love the stabs in the drop, but they can be a bit more powerful. Try to layer them with some extra growly synth stabs. Also the drop lead is a bit thin. Try to layer it as well (many many layers with the right mixing often does the job). The snare in the drop (that comes in after 8 bars) is a bit too loud. LOVE the trap part! Also play around with some big reverbs here and there to make the track sound really big, cause that's what it needs.

Score: 15
Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 3 years ago

Nice one! We love the transition to trap in the bridge, but, after this part you keep on playing the melodyline up until the drop, and then the melodyline continues in a different sound, but it's still the same melody, in the end it gets a bit boring. Suggestion: just cut the part 3:16-3:53! easy does it :) Nice job, you've got our vote!

Score: 24
DJ Peretse
DJ Peretse3 years ago

New version is ready! Please go to my souncloud profile, track name:
DJ Peretse feat. Sarah Nur - Easteria (Shot Edit)

Score: 5
Crue2 years ago

Fckn Great but we need more power in the drop!

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KHAZM Official
KHAZM Official2 years ago

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Dj Funky
Dj Funky3 years ago

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PALAMA3 years ago

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Salvatore Zappalá

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dudee dudee3 years ago

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel3 years ago

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DjUPLiion3 years ago

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