i try my best , its a hindi songs Khamoshiyan


TësKã2 years ago

Love this track!! Good job! Voted! If you get time, please give my new deephouse remix of Drake's 'One Dance' a listen and vote back if you like it :)

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Audio Republic
Audio Republic2 years ago

Good job!! amazing piano vote4vote!!! listen my track BIDAYATAN

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F3rrix2 years ago

Nice track!!
Definitely voted.
Thnx for your support.✌

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Frozen Rays
Frozen Rays2 years ago

Intro piano is so good. Voted
I hope you will vote back.
Bhai sahi me acha hai please vote back karna muje

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Dean Edwards
Dean Edwards2 years ago

Very nice stuff, a lovely piece of music.. Feel's like an unbelievable amount of effort has gone in to this. It's different to your average track that you hear on here. I'm a sucker for anything with a piano melody in haha. More than happy to vote for this. Cheers, Dean

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deadbass-society2 years ago

lovely arrangement GJ! - but I´d sustain the bass notes you´re playing with piano or replace the bass notes the piano is playing with an organ or cello or contrabass to create a dramatik deepness (can´t describe it xD) - but thats only my subjective oppinion

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Hepiniz (Official)

Great emotional keep up the great work voted

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AshimDeb2 years ago

thanks for voting , you can follow me in youtube , sound cloud, for more my work and FLstudio tutorials
ashim deb

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GaBso2 years ago

Hey, Thanks for your vote! great track you have! voted back..Hope u'll reach the top 10!

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Erick Rivellino
Erick Rivellino2 years ago

Thanks a lot for your vote mate! i'm checking your piano cover.. nice one! i don't know the original.. but this one sounds chillin & sweet! you definitely have my VOTE BACK ;) Good luck in the talent pool!

Also thanks in advance to all those who will support my track "Daydreams"! :)

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Mauricio Barba
Mauricio Barba2 years ago

I'm not a fan of the piano alone but I like it, you have my vote, I would appreciate it if you listen to my remix something just like this

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Bayk2 years ago

Great work.
I like it and voted for it
Maybe you wanna listen to my last Track:
Mike Williams - Don't Hurt vs. Dzeko & Torres - L'Amour Toujours (Tiesto Edit) (Bayk Mashup)
Please Vote back

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Alebin2 years ago

Great sound !! I really liked your idea! Very interesting idea !! The melody is very memorable, it's very good for the track !! Definitely VOTE !!! I wish you the first top in the tops !!
Please, support my track ISLAND, because I really need your support !!! Good luck !!!!

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Erland S.
Erland S.2 years ago

Good job !!! Voted
I hope you find time to listen and vote for my new track
Nite Lights - Night is gone


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Hugo Batista
Hugo Batista2 years ago

This is a great track! Congratulations , the main idea is dope but you can try to improve your mix , idk maybe put the drums a little louder! Voted! If it's not asking for much can you also vote on my track named "Demon" thanks bro!

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Zigouli2 years ago

Amazing track bro! this is so cool and you have a good mastering that keep all the song a I notice that you put strong effort here and really I can watch the results!!! You know, I'm trying to do a review of all the tracks that are uploaded here and is hard listen whole, but I can say It' so emotional and inspirational. You have my vote! If you can, take a couple of minutes and vote my 2 tracks, I would be grateful with you!!! See you in the Top of spinnin' records! keep making this kind of songs dude.....

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SevinSMS2 years ago

Woah bro... Being an Indian I know this song very well... And you just executed it very well😍😍😍 My support will be there 😍😍😍

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Scorch Felix
Scorch Felix2 years ago

This is amazing musicianship.......and amazing arrangement....my only suggestion would be to run you drums through a bus compressor and maybe add a transient shaper just make your drums slightly more cohesive and it a little more equal in the mix......great work though got my vote......

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RONGGAR2 years ago

Nice Track, Love the drop! Voted !
Mind to vote & check my track " Comeback (Original Mix) " Thanks !

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MKROOVE2 years ago

GOOD Work... Voted.
And Thanx for your Support.

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