EDM track! Created by a 15 years old guy from the Netherlands!


Maxim White
Maxim White2 years ago

voited! Support my work

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Dj Shy
Dj Shy2 years ago

Really good track, don't give it up, everything is yet to come. Voted. Good luck!

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Real smoke
Real smoke2 years ago

Excellent work for your age, keep it up and good luck. :D
Take a few minutes to listen my track "CHOPPED" and vote for it if you like.

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Alle None
Alle None2 years ago

Nice track.
I vote for you !
IF you like, Could you vote for my new remix of Dangerous woman Remix ?


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Moises Corn
Moises Corn2 years ago

Good the brother song sounds amazing VOTED AND SUPPORTED
I invite you to vote for my city song good drop

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Dacid2 years ago

Hi Mattayaxon, nice track, powerful and clear! I have voted and supported; )

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N-THONY-N2 years ago

Like it! Well Done

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X152 years ago

Voted ! Hear my new track Feelinxs and vote for it.
Play it loud and enjoy the nature with your favorite drink.


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Exxoulls2 years ago

sound amazing! voted;) go vote 4 my track XFiles mate! i would aprecciate it!!!!!!

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Emirix2 years ago

hey mate check out my track aliens and if its reviewed genuinely I shall return the favour thanks again :)

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P.B2 years ago

Listen to my new song Chinatown and vote for it, if you like it.
My passion is to make music.
I Hope that you support me!!!

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#Sharon N Ron
#Sharon N Ron2 years ago

Awesome TracK Bro!!!
Voted And Supported For You
Please Check Out My New TracK "Don'T You" Also Give Me A Vote

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davehutchinson2 years ago

Nice track dude, voted!

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Andrew Nagy
Andrew Nagy2 years ago

Voted! Nice track mate:) If you can listen please my new track "Step" And let me know what you think about it.
Thanks And good luck:d

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Ali Aminuddin
Ali Aminuddin2 years ago

Great track Mattayaxon! Thanks for the vote, voted back, best of luck!

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GeminAvix2 years ago

Amazing sound brother!

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A3EXMusic✪2 years ago

great track friend voted

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MAHDI2 years ago

🌎 Nice track, real voted and supported
🌎 check my last music "Higher" and give back the voted
🌎 i hope see your musics on top of spinnin musics

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LY FERDI2 years ago

Nice track. Voted.
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Zarva2 years ago


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