We fixed this track as the spinnin' records gave us a suggestion. We hope this will be better for everybody. please check this out! thanks!!


Dave Marc
Dave Marc2 years ago

Cool song! Voted :)
Please vote my remix in contest ‘Up Till Dawn (On The Move) (Dave Marc Remix)’ :)

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MAHDI2 years ago

I listen to your track, that's nice, voted & supported

listen to my last music and give back the voted

i hope see you on top

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Nenad2 years ago

Wow great track man, i hope that you support me back! If you like please vote for my new track "Change (Original Mix)"! Thank you and good luck

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Ben's de la House

good disco vibes!!!

voted for your inspiration!!!

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Aydın Sözüer
Aydın Sözüer2 years ago

Voted back. Thanks for your comment to my new track "Illusions"

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Farbklang2 years ago

very nice one!
Got my vote!

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Mustafa Ahmed - BNW

wow very good one voted

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Rangga Fermata
Rangga Fermata2 years ago

voted & supported !!!!!

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Ellery2 years ago

voted back,
thank you!

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T3JS2 years ago

dope man! voted

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Oscar Eriksson
Oscar Eriksson2 years ago

Hi The Clap Your Hands, Thanks for the support on my remix in the contest. Great track and nice sounds! I voted back! Good luck!

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Kashx2 years ago

Voted !! It's amazing.

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Ravenmus1c2 years ago

Hey nice track! Voted and reposted on Soundcloud! :)

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jose del molino2 years ago

very good sounding track , voted !!!

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Veedanā2 years ago


Very nice!

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RAIN SAIN2 years ago

Good music!

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Precious Diamond2 years ago

I voted
Its Nice!!

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DJ MIRACLE2 years ago

cool track

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Sweet EX2 years ago

i love this track! good job!!

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Special Line
Special Line2 years ago

Good! voted!!

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