Loucii - Future (teaser)


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 2 years ago

Thanks for this one! If you'd have released this in 2013 you most probably would have had a huge smash with it. but 4 years later a track like this needs a unique elemement to stand out, because we receive a lot of similar demo's. With 'Future' you showed us that you can produce a solid track, now you need to get your writingskills to the next level. Good luck!

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FEBGE2 years ago

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NRAVV2 years ago


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ghghghg2 years ago

A good track is a good track, doesn't matter the year. 2013 is so old that this stuff almost has an added nostalgic value now. If you want a pick a bone with a song, usually it's the melody not some other bs. But then again here we are trying to teach a major record label LOL. But then again nobody knows everything and it's what the people think that matters in the end. I Like how you're sticking it to the man LouCii LOL btw check out my remix, I voted and followed :P

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Marty Party
Marty Party2 years ago

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PUREVIL2 years ago

Am I right to assume that this isn't just one person, but multiple people with different tastes and opinions ?

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18845358882265982 years ago

I would buy this song and play it even next year.

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Nancyhabibi2 years ago

I appreciate your comment but with all due respect I don't agree. Your latest release (Keep on rising) sounds like 2003. There are millions who still love this style even if it does not follow the trends of today's music. If something is new, it does not mean it is good. Thanks anyways for your opinion:) I will still release this and see if you are correct or if I am correct:) BTW, you really need to work on your writing skills, cause it is spelled writing skills not writingskills. Good luck!

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Gypsy2 years ago

Rally sick fucking song dude! love it, got my vote. Can you please go and check out my new song called bomb and vote and comment back!

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SanHayden2 years ago

Really amazing and very creative, i voted you! plz vote me back & do leave feedback on my track. Cheers

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Lowblow2 years ago

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Lukrembo2 years ago

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Newen X
Newen X2 years ago

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LĂ©o Ben Salem
LĂ©o Ben Salem2 years ago

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CLBeat2 years ago

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Jonel Camacho
Jonel Camacho2 years ago

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MILJANA2 years ago

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JamesLock2 years ago

Great work man!! You have my vote!
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kobalhasan2 years ago

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Urbz N Sky
Urbz N Sky2 years ago

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Djxclub2 years ago

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R3YCAM2 years ago

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YCC2 years ago

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SantrixDiaz2 years ago

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HENRIKZ2 years ago

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Daniel York
Daniel York2 years ago

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Henrymilon2 years ago

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