Sambala (Original Mix)

DJ DimixeR feat. Max Vertigo



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LVNDSCAPE2 years ago

Cool vibe in this song! Everything up till the drop works well for me, but in the drop itself I'm missing some momentum. I think you could improve it by creating more contrast between the lift and the drop. What comes to mind is to maybe take out even more elements in the drop so it sounds more open. Maybe just a deep sounding bass with that top "flute" element will work better? EDX is a master at this, so make sure you check out how he manages contrast. Also, maybe automate a highpass filter on your master towards the drop so you really feel the bass hit when it drops. Nice one!

Score: 12
LAFAYETTE ✪2 years ago

Wow, I didn't know actual Spinnin' artists had their own accounts aswell ! That's so cool!

Score: 4
RONGGAR2 years ago

Papoy Papoy

Score: 1
RDCLS2 years ago

I feel like the track is a bit in EDX style but I really love the melody

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Jackrz2 years ago

Nice job dude! Voted!! ;) and please check my remix of End With You, if you like it vote me!! It would be amazing!! :)

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SanHayden2 years ago

all the best to you bro

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SanHayden2 years ago

Nice track i love it, you got my vote and support! plz to vote me back for my remix - end with you-

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Doub7e2 years ago

Really amazing and very creative, i voted you! plz vote me back and do leave feedback on my track if u want. you rock

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Bruno Gasti
Bruno Gasti2 years ago

Nice work! VOTED, hope you can vote my last remix

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KUBI2 years ago

Awesome stuff!
You've got my support, and maybe you could show some love back by supporting my latest remix?

Kubi-> End With You (Kubi Remix) CONTEST marked : )
(not the talent pool one )

I'd love to give you a vote back :)

Thanks so much <3

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MILJANA2 years ago

So incredible song.
I really like this one. It's so powerful song.
You have my vote and support for sure.
Can you please take a few minutes and check out my new remix 'End With You' and vote back if you like it.
Thank you so much. Your vote means the world to me.
Have a good and successful day. I wish you all the best. :)

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Mete Kemal
Mete Kemal2 years ago

Voted !!!!

This reaaly good track

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner2 years ago

Voted & Supported! Very good track!!

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Lehg2 years ago


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Lehg2 years ago

Tienes mi voto escucha mi mas nuevo tema party 😆😀

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parker patrick
parker patrick2 years ago

nice song man!! Keep it up
vocal in track is soo cool.
I hope you have a moment to listen my latest track.
Thanks :)

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Andrew Shepherd
Andrew Shepherd2 years ago

Your track is really awesome :D I voted you to catch the highest rank as you can.
Please help me back and vote my new remix: Snavs - End With You (Andrew Shepherd Remix)

Many thanks :)

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Funky_Money2 years ago


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lolnetanya2 years ago

Ugh i LOVE IT---so funky! You got my vote! Please vote back for my latest Track "Helplessly". :p

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Urbz N Sky
Urbz N Sky2 years ago

Great track! You have my vote :) Keep up the good work!! Vote back on our latest track "On n On" if you get the chance, WE VOTE BACK 2 EVERYONE!! :D

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musicbyRAPTOR2 years ago

A very relaxed atmosphere I like this very good

You have my vote

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ODAR2 years ago

Hello! Excellent track, voted, very good sound, excellent mastering, I invite you to vote for my track "COWBOY"

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