End With You

Snavs feat. KING

Here is my remix of "End With You"!


Andrew Shepherd
Andrew Shepherd2 years ago

Your track is really awesome :D I voted you to catch the highest rank as you can.
Please help me back and vote my new remix: Snavs - End With You (Andrew Shepherd Remix)

Many thanks :)

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Edward W11
Edward W112 years ago

Cool Remix! Voted!;)

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T-Slade2 years ago


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MILJANA2 years ago

Incredible track . Voted and supported. Can you please check out my remix 'End With You' and vote back if you like it. Thank you.

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DJZirro2 years ago

Nice song! I voted back :D

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Cosmonov2 years ago

Voted! Please vote back! :)

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Mowinckel2 years ago

thank you very much for your vote i voted your track back thx !! mowinckel - ibiza is coming

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Davide Orsi
Davide Orsi2 years ago

Voted Bro! ;)

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NIKHL2 years ago

Great track. Sounds awesome! Voted and supported!
Do you mind check out my track. Vote back if you like it.

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Shohei2 years ago

Voted:)Please check out my remix!Thanks!

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Jonel Camacho
Jonel Camacho2 years ago

Voted and supported!!!!
I hope you would listen my new contest track "Brutal" if you like it :) Thank you!!
Wish you good luck in the contest!!!

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Axelon Daylen
Axelon Daylen2 years ago

Niels! Brilliant remix man! Here's my vote for you ;)

Hey everyone, please take a look at my track 'Kamsahamnida'.
All I am asking is a little bit of your time :)
It's not in the charts yet, but maybe you could give me a chance, too?
Thank you kindly.

Axelon Daylen

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Sunny Zones
Sunny Zones2 years ago

Voted back;-)

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Mauricio Valenzuela

Great Remix!!! I voted back, thank you!

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Dj Any Music
Dj Any Music2 years ago

Voted! yooooo is too dope man!!! one question: With which application you make your remixes one to create your own electro music?

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Niiels2 years ago

FL Studio and thanks :DD

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Scifist2 years ago


Nice remix! I like those percussions at the breaks, especially at the build-up. The siren ambience is a bit annoying for me, it's too dry and off-key, try make it more wet. The drop kick is phat af, but you need too eliminate a bit of its high frequencies cuz i dont really like its "clicking" sound that much. Also the lead synth on the drop needs a bit more fattener or layering, to make it more fat and standout. Otherwise it's nice.

Thanks for voting my track, hope we can do a collab someday

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Niiels2 years ago

Thanks for the honest feedback :D

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Urbz N Sky
Urbz N Sky2 years ago

wow u displayed some impressive produciing skills, keep up the good work defs got my vote ;D check out our track On n' On and let us know what you think :D

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Chesy123452 years ago

Heyy I just listen to your remix and i VOTED yours!!!
It has cool drop and I like the idea of the structure!!!
If you have time, please vote my remix bacckkk!!! Thank youu!!

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Shamrex2 years ago

cool drop, love the build up, dope remix, support for u mate, surely voting for your track, keep it up :D

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DMITRY ENMAN2 years ago

voted bro

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