Richard Ed

I`m 13 years old and made this track. Hope you enjoy it :D


LEB3N2 years ago

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Nenad2 years ago

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TEAMMBL2 years ago

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TEAMMBL2 years ago

Voted Richard Ed!! :)

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Gianvet2 years ago

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LucyDeejay2 years ago

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Fulloctave2 years ago

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem2 years ago

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MILJANA2 years ago

Amazing track.
Voted and supported.
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Thank you. :)

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Lukrembo2 years ago

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Niiels2 years ago

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LAFAYETTE ✪2 years ago

Awesome track Richard!
Love it! Cool vibe!
You got my vote!
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Thank you so much!

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CLBeat2 years ago

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Qyko2 years ago

best of lucks with this amazing stuff. I loved it. Voted. If you have the time please check my Rock Your Body and give me your vote, if you'll like. Cheers and big space

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Edward W11
Edward W112 years ago

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If you could voted for my track
I'd really appreciate it and will vote for your track in return!!

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Newen X
Newen X2 years ago

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Ahad Khan
Ahad Khan2 years ago

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VANVAR2 years ago

Very well produced RICHARD ED! I like your sound! VOTED!!! :)

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WildCard Official

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Melik Arici
Melik Arici2 years ago

Great track! Voted! Hope you vote me back on my new single "Nothing".

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