An original EDM . Trap or progressive? You Guess. Its a New Dance Mix.




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S7ven Nare
S7ven Nare3 years ago

Voted good day friend.

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Kimilmusic3 years ago

cool track menn...
You have my voice and support for sure...!!!!

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chinchilla3 years ago

nice fusion of genres. voted! please checkout my new song and give me feedback. i would really appreciate that

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°°Burn666°°3 years ago

hi there :)
I checked your track and vote for it,got my support!:) .. would u be so nice and check out my contest track "dont looking back and come with me"or Haters,trust me,you dont wanna fight!" and set your vote when u like it? THX a lot!.

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LinKai3 years ago

good work! A lot of variations in this track!:) voted

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hinnav3 years ago

voted back :)

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MAHDI3 years ago

🌎 Nice track, real voted and supported
🌎 check my last music "Higher" and give back the voted
🌎 i hope see your musics on top of spinnin musics

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ARHL AI3 years ago

wow Antonyyarockia! really nice track you have in here, it's so powerful and amazing! voted you for sure!

please check my new song "Robot Shakes" vote and comment if you don't mind. thanks mate!

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DJ ZDG3 years ago

Hey bro to be honest i didn't listened to your tracks but i know you need my vote so i did vote for you and i hope you could be in the top 5 (VOTED)
We could help each other now i need your VOTES back please

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Ghost Cat
Ghost Cat3 years ago

Nice Track Antony i love your style bro, full support. VOTED!
Can you vote for my track Afraid in contest please!

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Kimilmusic3 years ago

iam always vote you

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ArrieParrie3 years ago

I really like this one. It's so powerful song.
You have my vote and support for sure.
Can you please take a few minutes and check out mine if you like it.
Thank you so much. Your vote means the world to me.
Have a good and successful day. I wish you all the best. :)
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Lehg3 years ago

Tienes mi voto escucha mi mas nuevo tema party y vota

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tretonic133 years ago

Great! Voted!

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Nelmeira3 years ago

Voted and supported. I loved your track!!
I hope you hear my new track ' Plucket ':) Thank you!!

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Mattayaxon3 years ago

Voted for you Antony!

And if you have time please vote back for my track "Revenge" :) (Please do not vote for my tracks Exams and Sparking synth)

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chinchilla3 years ago

love the vibes! voted!
please check out my song, i really need your vote :))

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner3 years ago

Great track! Voted & Supported!

Check my track ''Excite Me'' and vote if you can! :)

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Tayo 3
Tayo 33 years ago

Heard your song and caught me by surprise with the tempo change! great job. I can just say that a little work on the mastering woud benefit this track. If it was played at a club the CLAP would be very strong for a big sound system. Also bringing out the bass more would allow for more pump and more energy, try side chaining the bass to the kick. Keep up the great work :)

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