DJ Hollowbase

Some Big Room


QU1QUE\SERRA DJ2 years ago

Hi DJ Hollowbase ,Your track sounds great, I love this groove
Could you give a listen at my track "Rave Me Now"? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. Hope you have a nice day bro! ┬┐VOTE x VOTE?

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CLEOZIP2 years ago

Nice track. voted, check to my newest track pop that arcade thang. hope you can vote it back..

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EL789z2 years ago

Voted ! I Love Your track <3 is so amazing : good lead and bass ; Like Kick do you use, it's so very beautiful! My Vote Is For you DJ Hollowbase! If You Want Check Out My New Song Spawnkill :D And if you like vote It !! :D

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Hensonn2 years ago

Great work! Voted & supported

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Aftrshck2 years ago

Hey! I voted for your track. I really dig these sounds man. If you ever need a vote for your track, just vote for mine, comment, and I WILL MAKE SURE I get back to you. BIG THANKS

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