Florian Fellner
Florian Fellner2 years ago

Hey, I like the individual elements you've put into this Track. Keep this work up and I personally think you can reach everything !! Left a vote ;) Please vote my Track "Rave until Death" back thanks would help a lot.

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Promenade(Area studio)

Vote for my new song Raspberry !!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

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djsoundjackers2 years ago

really good track woow what a great talent here love the vibe ! keep it up man ! of course Voted

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musicbyRAPTOR2 years ago

I really like your song
I loved it, keep it up
You have my vote

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INOVA_Music2 years ago

VOTED!!! I vote EVERYONE back. Show me love i show love back! 12

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Csaba2 years ago

This is so cool! Voted bro! :D

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F4BBRI2 years ago

Voted!! Could you vote back my track Oblivion? :)

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Abu Farhan
Abu Farhan2 years ago

You got my VOTE!

Please vote my track 'Moonlight' ~!~!~

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Giglio&Farno2 years ago

YES MAN VOTED IT! CHECK YOUR XP :P . I LISTENED NOW YOUR SONG AND I CAN SAY JUST WOW! like in particular the powerful mastering the choise of that bass ( i want that bass for my production hahaha)also the choise of your lead in the drop :) and the drop is wow !! :)! the song have a really clean sound that is amazing ! i can ask you if you have time to listen our last demo drop :D if you appriciate that please give us a vote . Thank you for your time and good luck!

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Scripted Drama
Scripted Drama2 years ago

Great track
If you have some time I'd be so happy if you could check out my new bootleg of Major Lazers "Know No Better" as well.

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Ricky Jordan
Ricky Jordan2 years ago

Talent: Well-done here Christopher. Unique sound that really stands out. Best of luck.

Ricky Jordan - 123 Jump

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X152 years ago

Voted ! Hear my new track Feelinxs and vote for it.
Play it loud and enjoy the nature with your favorite drink.


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P.B2 years ago

Listen to my new song Chinatown and vote for it, if you like it.
My passion is to make music.
I Hope that you support me

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Nick Sad
Nick Sad2 years ago

Your track is really awesome I voted you to catch the highest rank as you can.
Please help me back and vote my new Track "Scare" thanks

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John Winther
John Winther2 years ago

This is unique man! Voted buddy

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Amr seif
Amr seif2 years ago

Good track voted !!
Please could you voted my last track ?? Thanks

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FEBGE2 years ago

Your track is really awesome :D I voted you to catch the highest rank as you can.
Please help me back and vote my new Track "No Sleep"

Many thanks :).

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clubzound2 years ago

this track is amazing great job

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Blue Heights2 years ago

I love this, it kinda reminds me of Thief by Ookay with the horns and all. I love the vibe. Would you mind checking my latest track out?

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CLEOZIP2 years ago

nice vibe. well played in a bar. or maybe for chillin house or beach party.. i agree this track deserve at no 1 and track of the week.. how about take a second to vote my track pop that arcade thang. and vote it... thank's

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