Hey there ???, I bring you a bootleg of Crash Land - Crash Land, if you like music ...   Available the download in my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nekro-p


Jay K
Jay K2 years ago

It's heavy af I love it! Keep it up! I followed and voted it'll be cool if you did too :)

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Dykey2 years ago

Nice work, you have my vote!

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Prototype11112 years ago

Nice track...

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Dr. cat
Dr. cat2 years ago

good work!
I voted!
please vote back if you like!
thanks bro :D

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JAPG2 years ago

Amazingg, this f**** remix is Incredible man, V(*O*)TED!!! and.. ¡¡¡THANKS YOU FOR VOTED MY NEW SONG!!! Keep it up Work hard, I see in the top!!! Good Luck <<<<<<3333<3<3<3<333

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Vhyrzz2 years ago

Awesome bootleg that really goes hard!Supported!

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BABA.G2 years ago

great..voted back..

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QU1QUE\SERRA DJ2 years ago

Woooooowwwww, Great atmosphere for this Rap, the drop is very cool. Voted back

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Berk SAHIN2 years ago

VOTED . YOU +++++.

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NoizyAngel2 years ago

voted & supported!!

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DJ SHANE(145)2 years ago

Nice Work U have got here! Keep it up!You have got my vote!Please Vote 4 me as well 'cause I am very talented and want to get knwon by Spinnin!Cheers!!

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TUT2 years ago


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Ricky Jordan
Ricky Jordan2 years ago

Cool track...voted back...bootleg...is this a mashup or original track? sounds good either way.

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F ∆ M E R
F ∆ M E R2 years ago

Super Dope remix. Voteddddd (:

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Csaba2 years ago

Hey Folk! :) I've voted for your track! :) Can you please check out my song called "Chiao", and vote if you find it worthy? :) :D:D:W

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F4BBRI2 years ago

Voted!!!! Could you vote back my future house track Oblivion? Thanks in advance

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sune etana
sune etana2 years ago

downloaded on soundcloud. VOTED. SICK vocal chop. and then when i tot i hit the peak it gets crazier. u got my support bruh. i would greatly apprciate it if you cheked out my latest remix of mileys hit, and left some feed back. i need your support

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Nick Sad
Nick Sad2 years ago

The track is fantastic I vote for you, but you also vote for my Track Scare

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James Holland
James Holland2 years ago

Nice remix! Love the trap vibes here. Love the drums at 00:23, nice 808 too. This drop at 1:20 is really good too. Keep it up!
I've voted for your track! Now that I've left my honest opinion, could you please check out my latest track, "Waterfall", and vote back please? Thank you!

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RAANG2 years ago

Nice job!
Hey Please listen to my new track (With Me - RAANG) and support me with your vote, thanks!

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