Time (Original Mix)

DJ Peretse feat. Julia Lasker

This is our very happy track )


Fulloctave2 years ago

Voted and Supported! Please could you vote back for my track Summertime Love. Thanks for your support its much appreciated. Good luck in the charts :)

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RAYZZI2 years ago

Good work! Voted & Supported!!

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Goof lucks

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Basteriza2 years ago

Voted, please help me with a vote to my bootleg: Crash Land - Crash Land (CHRIS R3D & T - NOX Vs Will Arms Bootleg)

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4 ᴀ ǫ ɪ ʙ ᴍ

Hey buddy nice work! Keep going, you deserve to be in top. we are with you, supported and voted your track.

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FEBGE2 years ago

amazing track bro! Voted, help me out and vote for my track "No Sleep"

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JASON PARK2 years ago

Hey Bro You did good job ~ Voted.
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Thanks much ^^

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Delete account
Delete account2 years ago

I feel as if a lot of the song is on the same level, however it is still a pretty good song! I wouldn't mind remixing it if you could send the acapella ;) Please check mine out too and vote back if you like it :)

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Mashka Duo
Mashka Duo2 years ago

Que buen track Bro, un voto para ti, seguro te espera el top 10!
Puedes ayudarnos con un voto para nuestro Remix 'It Ain't Me'?, te lo agradeceriamos, buenas vibras :D..

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JD Musi
JD Musi2 years ago

Hello DJ PERETSE I am JD Musi you already have my vote I would like you to support me with yours GREETINGS
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Avescue2 years ago

Let's do this: I Vote for you, you're for me. I voted!

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