Mateo Ramos
Mateo Ramos2 years ago

I voted now. Vote now

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Bargus2 years ago

Good job dude, voted!! ;) and please vote my last track ''Space''

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Darnes2 years ago

I heard and voted your track, very thrilled as it is said here in italy if you can vote for yourself on my track

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Bayk2 years ago

What a nice Track.
Voted for it!
Pure love

Maybe you can vote for my Song Jumper

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Vendy BurnZZ
Vendy BurnZZ2 years ago

Hello friend! Nice track, deep bass) Can you vote my remix Arrival to Earth (OST from Transformers). Thank you bro))

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BASS R1DER2 years ago

vote for vote? if you help me out by voting for my new track "caveman" i will vote for your track in return!

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nickchong962 years ago

Voted! Nice track dude:)
If you can listen please my new track "Dark Energy" and let me know what you think about it.
Thanks and good luck :)

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Total Sampler
Total Sampler2 years ago

Hi Lads ;) Check out my profile and let Our journey begin ! Cheers :)

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The_Maximus2 years ago

Hey Christopher Damas your track is awesome voted ..and supported .
Please if you can see my work Elysium too and Support and vote it. It will be great .
The Maximus

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Spook Beat
Spook Beat2 years ago

yeaah bro suena super dejo mi voto
y vota por mi track (dubai by spook)

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Braian Silvetti
Braian Silvetti2 years ago

Voten -Por Mi Ultima Pista

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Vibratto'2 years ago

I believe that this is the track of the week! Good luck, and please listen to my Back To You REMIX I would be very grateful!e

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Nyman2 years ago

The release of "Try" will be on the 8th of september on Spotify! Make sure to check it out before on my profile here on spinnin!!!

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Khørds2 years ago

The idea is really sick. Absolutely love it. I feel like the vocals need to stand out a bit more to add more impact. Once you've made the whole track more cohesive as a whole it will really be a powerful track. A force to be reckoned with!

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DattRuhuna2 years ago

nice track!
when you are free,please listen my latest track "Drive"!!

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Nenad2 years ago

Nice track bro it sounds so good! I hope, that you support me back. Please vote for my new track "Far Away"! Thank you and good luck!

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Marki Andrix
Marki Andrix2 years ago

Hi Guys . I hope you'll like my track / Smail

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Lukrembo2 years ago

Hi, I love the sound. This is amazing track! I voted.
Please check out my new track "Reverse" and give me your opinion.
Vote for me!! Thanks!

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iKanda2 years ago

sounds great bro! nice one! I voted your track. Will you please vote also to my track : Bro Thanks! Good luck :)

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Derek Dada
Derek Dada2 years ago

Awesome track, mate!

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