my new track , hope you like it


Jurgen Frees
Jurgen Frees2 years ago

Good job!!Voted!)

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

Voted! Vote back my TIME TO TAKE CONTROL (contest),over 42,1k soundcloud plays! Another track PUSH IT! PLEASURE has over 113k plays @SPOTIFY! ThereĀ“s also MESSAGE! Good luck! STARS (contest)

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Roby Koenigs
Roby Koenigs2 years ago

Amazing! Voted! Can you please vote back for mine? Thank you..

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SneekoMusik2 years ago

woah tht is unique

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somegod2 years ago

Super sick track! You're definitely on your way to becoming a great producer!!:)
Its got my vote! Could you take a look at my contest track and maybe give it a vote too??

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