Still Standing

Roby Koenigs

About the track: When making Still Standing, I wanted to make emotional melodies that will reach to people hearts, reminding them of good things that happened in the past, and will happen in the future. The song is meant to have a strong message. Genre: Progressive House My socials:


ridleybronson2 years ago

Nice song! I voted! Can you please listen to my remix of Feel Good and vote back?

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IrriX2 years ago

very cool and mysterious and interesting vibes here. the drop is sick and the melody line is pretty catchy ! definitely im leaving a vote here! please take your time and help me by voting on my remix of "Feel Good" too! i'd really appretiate that! good luck brother!

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FullOfVision2 years ago

nice track dude :) voted , if u have a few minutes pleas check my brand new remix for ,,Without You'' by Avicii ft. Sandro Cavazza, thank you :)

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Quentiin2 years ago

very good song l like, you have my "Vote" if you have time listen to my track,
(No Return) and if you like your vote.

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HUMAN_EDM_MUSIC2 years ago

ROBY your music is nice but have a little mistakes you must work harder man but you got my vote if you want to check my new track (Dancing Aliens) vote if you like

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joshrowland2 years ago

good song, i like what you've done. you definitely have my vote!
i'd appreciate it if you check out my new song 'make love' and vote back!👍

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Alex Beam
Alex Beam2 years ago

Amazing track, very nice! Voted! can you vote back my last remix "feel good"? thank you very much!

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Dorian142 years ago

Hi! :))
I really like your song and voted for your track. Hope you will rise to the top!
Please can you help me with a listen and a vote too? MY track calls "FEEL". It would mean a lot to me.
Thank you and good luck !

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Alex Beam
Alex Beam2 years ago

voted bro! can you vote back my last remix of "feel good"? thx

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IDC Records
IDC Records2 years ago

nice and clean EDM

Everything above this is my honest opinion because I've actually listened to your track, rest is Cntr-V
Please check out my new track: BACK on TRACK and leave a comment/vote :)

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Melvin Ignatius
Melvin Ignatius2 years ago

Voted For You Honestly .
Please Vote Me Back On My Track 'Grown Up Kid' :)

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Visandog2 years ago

Amazing track bro
And I madePlz vote for my track TNT
You good man bro ,Thx a lot~
Love you~~

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Emirix2 years ago

hey there buddy would you be able to check out my new track red skies if its reviewed genuinely id be very grateful thanks again and good luck! :)R

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KAW  Music ☑️
KAW Music ☑️2 years ago

Hi dude . I voted excellent work. Vote for my last song "Satsuma". And follow me. We musicians should help each other.
Thanks for attention friend!!

-Diego Cagliani

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James Holland
James Holland2 years ago

Thanks for voting! :)

Nice track, I've voted back.

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Filippe Uchoa
Filippe Uchoa2 years ago

Wow, amazing track.
I really like this one. I really enjoyed listening to your music.
Keep making music like this.
You have my vote and support for sure (for real)
Would you like to check out my new track 'Nytrix - under electric skies' and vote back if you like it.
Thank you so much. Wish you all the best. :)

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Eric Vytralix
Eric Vytralix2 years ago

Awesome Track :) You've got my vote!
Please vote back for my Remix of Hurricane by eManuL!
Thanks and have a nice day :)

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SaaB DJ2 years ago

Hi, I voted for your track. Would you reapply? Thank you so much!! :)

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douglas fuentes
douglas fuentes2 years ago

very low accommodates the levels and nothing else is good the track

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Newen X
Newen X2 years ago

Hello there! Thanks for voting my track, I really like this, super dope kick, very powerful build up! Voted back!

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